Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Well......It's Thanksgiving Eve and I have sure been a busy lady today.  My kitchen has certainly been a warm place today.   I think I turned the oven on, early this morning, and finally turned it off around 3:30.  I have double ovens, and both of them have been going all day long.    

The great news is:   I won't have to be in the kitchen all morning long, tomorrow.   I've cooked several pans of cornbread today.
I know that many of my blogging friends make stuffing, but we make Southern Cornbread Dressing.   

I was telling some of my friends just today, that I wish I had watched my mom more closely when she made Dressing.  I wish I had written down the exact measures of how she made hers.   The only problem there is, she didn't measure.......she just knew what it was suppose to look like, and she knew what it was suppose to taste like.   No measuring cups or spoons.....!  She just knew how to cook!!

Funny thing happened to me this afternoon....    We are not frying a turkey this year, nor am I buying the famous "Greenberg Turkey"
for Thanksgiving.   I actually ordered sliced smoked turkey from a BBQ place that we like.   I ordered it earlier in the week and was suppose to pick it up at 3:00 this afternoon.   Well, when I get there to pick it up, the girl at the counter showed me the ticket and said that it had already been picked up!   😀    

She said it was an older, gray haired man with glasses who picked it up, about 30 minutes or so before I got there.   WHAT????   

I called Sam.......NO, he did not pick it up!  What?????   I called Shanda and she didn't have anyone pick it up!  What ????
We were the only three that even knew I ordered it.   

Seems that a man with our same last name came in to pick up an order.   The girl said she ask if it was  "My name" and the man said yes.   Now, either this man has a wife or daughter with my same name OR he could not hear very well and just took my order!!!

The strange thing is, when the girl at the counter ask him if he had ordered 4 lbs of sliced smoked turkey, he said yes..   What????

We placed the same exact order for food and it was in the same exact name????   Kinda odd.    Anyways, I had to sit and wait for about 20 minutes while they filled my order.    

I'm thankful that there was enough sliced turkey left, to fill my second order.    lol.   





  1. This is so strange! Kinda spooky. I am glad you finally got the turkey though. I hope you have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving, Shug.

  2. That is a funny story.What are the chances? Hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with blessings.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I had 8 here today (including all three sons) ---but we went out to dinner at a wonderful local restaurant here that was featuring a HUGE Thanksgiving Buffet.... It turned out great and I didn't have to spend time in the kitchen (which I truly cannot do anymore --nor do I want to)...

    After dinner everyone came back to our home --and we had a wonderful time just catching up. I am a very happy Mama!!!!!


  4. Hi Shug!!

    Happy late Thanksgiving!! I feel the same way about dressing! I wish I would have paid closer attention to my mother's cooking...her dressing was amazing, mine, not as good as hers... ;0( I love cornbread dressing, one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving! I usually make just traditional bread dressing, but sometimes, I make cornbread dressing, I especially love it with ham. I

    The story is too funny, but I'm glad they were able to fill your order!

    Hugs and Love,


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