Wednesday, November 28, 2018

DIAMONDS are just chunks of COAL that do very WELL under pressure!!

                This is the season when so many of us find ourselves under pressure.   Shopping to do..... Gifts to be wrapped.....Meals to be cooked....Making our Holiday candy.....Decorating for Christmas, just to name a few.   

Last year, I had most of these things done by the middle of November.   Yes....even the gifts were wrapped!!

I sure can't do much bragging on myself this year, because I have barely done anything.   I certainly do not contribute my lack of "being on the ball" to being older, it's the lack of inspiration that has failed me.  

Why No Inspiration?  Simply because I have been pre-occupied with many of the other things that I love about life.   

I will get it all done!  There may be a little pressure to get things done to my expectation, but like a lump of coal, maybe, just maybe......I'll become a big Diamond.

What ever you do today......make time to Give God the Glory that HE so deserves....



  1. The same with me, I have been so behind!! But we will get there, it isn't even December yet!! I really like your beautiful header with the pine tree and blue mountains.

  2. Hi Shug!

    Very well said...and something I needed to hear! Christmas has always been such a stressful time for me, and trying to make it happy and cheerful always makes me stressed out. I did it because I had 3 little children who loved Christmas! I still feel stress at Christmas, and still fight to make it cheerful and happy, but concentrating on the Savior, giving glory to God, and helping others is a great plan of attack to make anyone smile!!

    Thank you for cheering me up! XOXO

    Hugs and Love,

  3. I think that many times we put the emphasis on the wrong things.I know I do.At Christmas it is all about the birth of Christ.All the other things are good and fun and I love doing them, but I have to often remind myself about what is most important.

  4. HA HA --my YOUNG friend!!!! Just wait 'til your body tells you that "You can't do that anymore"..... This new lifestyle change (due to my A Fib, meds, and YES--old age) is KILLING me.... ha ha ha

    For the first time, I have had to really cut back on the decorating (both inside and outside).....I just cannot do what I used to easily do and loved to do... I am a Christmas person --and go WAY overboard with the decorations... Well--until this year...

    I have the inspiration --but not the energy.... SO---George and I together have gone through all of our 'treasures' ---and we decided what we could do this year. I told him that the one thing I don't ever want to give up is our big decorated tree filled with so many memories... I also don't ever want to give up all of my Willow Angel Collection (about 19 total).... I also would never NOT put out our CRECHE --since that is the real meaning of why we do what we do.... I could go on and on ---but my advice to you and others: Do what you love and what you can NOW. We are not guaranteed that we will be able to do it next year or in years to come....

    Have a great week.


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