Saturday, January 14, 2017

January ....

Saturday morning...drizzling rain outside our front door.   I'm sitting here with my feet propped up, enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee (plain black coffee...NO cream or sugar for me)   also enjoying the company of my amazing husband.    I would say that it's a great morning.

It'a a new season for "little dribblers" which means that we will be heading to the gym in a couple hours, to watch Mylee Jo..... run up and down the gym floor, bouncing the ball and shooting goals.  

January!  One of those months when I usually have about three things that are always steadily on my mind.   One is CLEANING.
After taking down all the Christmas decorations, I always want to dive in and clean everything!  This is what I did yesterday.  Cleaned out kitchen cabinets and drawers.   Cleaned the utility and actually discarded a few things that I know longer needed.  


                                          My kitchen Lockers

Another thing ......TAXES!    Oh yes.   I like to dig in and get this done.   I like to go ahead and get everything cleaned out, in order to start the next year.  I know a lot of people who put this off until about the 10th of April, but for's just better to get it DONE!

......And the 3rd thing is VACATION!!  January is a great month to start planning a vacation.   The only issue that I have is.... that I want to plan a vacation for every single month!!  The mountains are really calling my name.  We always love the beach.....  A cruise sounds GREAT and I love the Smoky mountains.    There are so many things to do right here in TEXAS.       AND OH.....a friends trip is always a must.

So what do you have going on for the month of January?

I would love to hear.



  1. Feels like a Texas-Spring Day in Tennessee today/this weekend/next week... After about 3 days of almost ZERO degree weather and a little snow, we are really having a January THAW now.... Truly ---I don't like it. It's too darn WARM.... ha ha

    Glad you are enjoying your Saturday with hubby... We got our Christmas stuff all put away this week and now the house is clean (at least as clean as I want to get it)... ha.... I love Christmas and hated to see it end since we had a marvelous holiday season this year.. BUT--as you said, a new year brings new ideas, new plans and new beginnings....

    When you are planning your vacations ---don't forget the SMOKIES.... We are going up that way for a couple of days next week...


  2. I am doing the exact same things you are! Trying to neaten up everything! It will take forever, nevertheless I will plod on and get at least one thing done a day. We have already taken several bags of stuff to Goodwill. I guess most people do spring cleaning. But I want to be outside in the spring! After Christmas is the perfect time! I LOVE your lockers!! What an awesome idea! How did you find them, can you buy them? they would be great for a pantry, cereal, foil and plastic wrap, a million thngs!!!

  3. January,the month of new beginnings.My kitchen cupboards are getting a makeover, thanks to my son,Steve.

  4. I'd say you had an awesome start to that day, Shug! It has definitely been gray and looks to be more today. I'm with you on the tax stuff. Ugggghhh. I'm just in the sending of 1099s phase though. Soon to be moving on to the gathering and organizing phase. ;) We've been talking about vacation, too. Seems all this gray makes us dream of brighter days. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Hi Shug~

    I'd rather have rain . . . ;0)

    I love your kitchen lockers!! What a great idea! I need to get busy with cleaning, but it will have to wait til another day...or month!

    I love to get the taxes done too, we seldom get a return, but I like to get it out of the way. And, yes, I will take a vacation anytime! We always try to go somewhere in April for our wedding anniversary - somewhere warm. I guess I better start planning!

    Hugs to you sweet friend!

  6. Been off for months.. Computer fried but have a Laptop of new.
    Loving it. I have windows 10.

    Just getting my contacts in order and to put up. I like your family background.

    So your on a diet it looks by your blog. Yes we all get those chubby cheek photos through the Oct, Nov, Dec, January.

    And shapes like a barrow. Me too.

    Only I am walking on bone on bone so very hard to walk. I use a can. Operation for both knee replacement May. Right knee first. Who knows how spaced after for second knee.

    So my blog is up and running. Have a look.

    God Bless You for 2017.

  7. I do not care for January but I agree with your reasons to like it? Organizing is great after its done! We are trying to plan a vacation to Florida but its difficult

  8. Sounds like a great way to start off the year.
    Come by Dreaming and see what's happening.

    M : )


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