Monday, January 9, 2017

Dare I ask what your favorite season is, in life?  I'm guessing our answers would vary....Spring...Summer....Fall....Winter, and each for different reasons.   

I'm not sure that I have a particular favorite.  I love them all, because I find something so unique in each of them.   

But, what about the Seasons of our everyday life?  Would we all have various answers and reasons why???   I think that most of us prefer to be in the Season of "Life is Wonderful...Life is Fabulous...Life is GREAT" point of time.

For instance.....My family has seen many Blessings this past year and even though there were some things that I would like to have changed....for the most part, it was a fabulous year.   AND...2017 is just as good......(so far)

There are Seniors in High School or in College who are extremely excited to see the Season of Spring as it turns to near Summer.   They graduate and there will be new beginnings for them as they spread their wings and soar towards the future.

On the other hand....I have friends who are not well.  They are fighting for their lives.  Their world is turned upside down and they and their families have strongholds that are keeping them weighted down so heavily.  This season is devastating to them.  

I have a dear friend who is struggling each day because she is in a situation that seems hopeless!  Her church has always been her safe Haven, especially in times when things are so difficult and draining.   Not any more.......  The church is under new leadership, with many new faces in the congregation.  The church has become a "Strong Contemporary" place of worship, and is no longer the same.  Love and Compassion has been replaced by something that she does not understand.    She feels that she has no one to help her during her Season of anxiety and stress.  

There are other interval's that we go through in life.... People are tired of just working, paying bills, working and paying bills.  Thank goodness that they have a job and can pay their bills, but the same ol' same ol'  seems to drain them of their energy.   

When will things turn around financially, so we can go out and buy that one thing that we have been dreaming of? When will we ever win the lottery?  Have you ever ask that question or heard others ask it??  So much is put in to trying to figure out "what NUMBERS" are going to make us rich.    All of this robs us of the time that we could be spending with God and seeking HIS perfect WILL  and direction.

Well folks......  All of these situations are not anything that the Lord does not already know about.   HE knows where each of us are at in this life.   HE knows the season that we are going through.  HE sees our struggles.....HE is aware of our Blessings!  After all, HE is the giver of those Blessings.   

It is true that we live in a very chaotic and very uncertain world.....
This we all know!! 

 Jeremiah 29:11 tells us...................

"for I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" 

God Almighty, loves us!  Hold on to God's hand....hold on to your Faith.  Give thanks in All circumstances.   Whatever Season of life we are in, God stands in front of us, behind us and on each side of us.   Many times HE carries us.   Trust HIM.



  1. I totally agree! So many people wait to win the lottery, for things to get better, to retire, to graduate school, to get a promotion. The present is all we can be sure we have. Yet many never enjoy life in the present because of waiting on things that may never happen.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.The seasons of life are much harder towels through at times, but always there is another season of joy.

  3. I almost couldn't find where to leave my comment. lol I just saw you on Ginny's blog. Happy new year to you and yours. :) boy, those grandkids are growing up! beautiful photo!
    happy days to you,

  4. Yes I saw you on Ginnys blog also. I agree with all the things going on in so many people around us, can be heartbreaking. God has it all in control but it is hard to understand.

  5. Had to really search to leave a comment. Good post! I feel for your friend and her church. Ours also has new leadership and most of the congregation has left, very upsetting after having great pastors for years. The new one wants to interaction with folks at all. Great header photo of your grands!

  6. Hi Shug!

    The favorite season in my life? Well, this season. The one I am living right now. The other seasons have gone, and it seems like there is always a new adventure just around the corner . . . I would say I am in the autumn of my life, and that is also my favorite season of the year.

    I have a hard time with change as well, I'll keep your friend in my prayers; she'll learn something from this trial, and she'll grow. God is always holding our hand, and our heart. He knows where we need to grow and how to help us.

    Beautiful post, Shug!! Thank you for your inspiration!



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