Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Sunday sweet friends....

Geez....I have sure missed blogging!  The biggest thing that I have missed is visiting with my friends.  I have truly missed you all and have missed so many of your stories.

Sam and I have another small trip this week, but I plan to sit back, rest (like I need more rest)  and do a lot of blogging.  Sam will be working, but I'm just going along for the ride!  I guess you could say that it's kinda like I'm his support team!!

Hey.....I have something I want to share with you and I do hope you will be in prayer for those involved.   You know......God moves in ways that we will never be able to understand.

The story goes like this:   Last evening, I had a phone call from our oldest daughter (Trista).....she lives about 4 miles West of us.   While she was on her way home last night, she saw three police vehicles headed toward Chandler.   Trista called me to ask if I knew what was going on in our small little town and then she told me about the police cars.   I could sense a bit of stress and concern in her voice.   She was worried for whatever the situation was that would call for 3 different patrol cars to come to the scene.  

We visited for a few seconds and I told her I would let her know if I found out anything.   A few moments later, Sam and I heard an ambulance pass by our house and Sam made the comment to me that I needed to call our youngest daughter (Shanda) to make sure everything was she lives just North of us and that was the direction that the ambulance was heading.

I called her and she said:  "Oh mom.....we have just had something very strange happen!"  She said:  "I was going into town to pick up some burgers for dinner and I saw two kids and a woman walking down the road and they were carrying several black trash bags."

When she returned from picking up her food.....she noticed that the two kids were sitting in the road and the mother had walked away.
Shanda stopped to ask the kids what they were doing and they told her that they were trying to get to the Salvation Army....which is several miles away from where they were located.   

To make a long story short.....the lady returned....(she had been drinking) and in a matter of moments, she became aggressive in her actions and began using words that were very inappropriate.   Shanda had left her phone at home and had no way to call the police.   Here is the good thing.....I know that without a shadow of doubt, that God placed Shanda in that particular place on purpose.
God knew that she would NOT drive away and leave those children in that kind of situation!  

Isn't it just like God to have every detail planned out???  Yes, Shanda had left her phone at home.....but God had a better plan.  Coming down the road was my niece and her husband, returning from a trip to First Monday.  They stopped to see if Shanda needed help and wouldn't you know.....God placed them there at the right time, because my niece already had the number that they needed to call for help.

The police vehicles, that Trista saw and was so worried about......were coming to help out her sister in dealing with a terrible situation involving small children and their mom who was not in her right mind.   The mom was arrested and the children were taken to CPS where they would be safe!  The ambulance??  Not sure....maybe it was God's way of having us call to check on Shanda and her family!

These young children were in need and God sent those that HE knew would be able to help.    Being used as one who is an intercessor to those who need prayer (as Trista did),  if it's one who is used to supply the needs (as my niece did with the phone and the number) OR if it's the one who will boldly say: "I'm not leaving these kids here, sitting on this road, while their mother walks the roads in a drunken stuper ......I will see to it that these kids are taken care of!" (as Shanda did)

I believe that the Lord used both of our daughters and my niece to help these children.   I can truly say that God is Awesome and HE leaves nothing unturned.....  God has every detail in plan.

I pray for a healing for this family....I pray for these children!!

Blessings to you all...

Shug ~


  1. Hi Shug!

    What a scary situation for your daughter! I have found during my life, that no matter what situation we are in, there is always someone there to help. We may not be able to see Him, or hear Him, but He is there watching over us and guiding us. Thank goodness that your daughter was in tune with the Spirit and listening to that still small voice that alerted her. Tender mercies . . . they will all be in my prayers.


  2. Shug, that is quite a story. Glad to hear it all worked out!

  3. Yes,God is still in control. Sometimes,or should I say,most often we do not understand why things happen the way they do,but it all comes as no surprise to God.Praise God that your daughter was there at the right moment.

  4. Wow---what an awesome post this morning... It's Monday morning and yours is the first blog I've read... Made me smile and cry... God is SO good... Amazing how your family were all there to help at that time of need. Hope those children will be okay and that the mother can get some needed help. God Bless your family.


  5. God does work in mysterious ways.
    Glad everything turned out ok.

    Here's hoping they get the help they

    M : )

  6. As a parent isn't it wonderful to see your kids model the love and compassion of Christ? Good for them. Glad all is well. Have missed our blogging.


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