Monday, October 12, 2015

Cooking 101

                I once was a GOOD Cook, or so I thought!!  I wouldn't exactly say that I was a top chef and the food network never came  knocking at my door......but, I did do a fairly good job, (on my own) AND when I followed a recipe.  

Something has happened over the past two or three years!  I'm pretty sure that Sam would say that it's the LACK of cooking that I've been (not) doing that has caused the decline of me being able to present a TASTY meal.

I have to disagree with him!!!   Surely I don't need cooking 101?

borrowed photo from images

On Sunday......I embraced the possibility that I could get back in the kitchen (with a recipe taken from Pinterest) and make a super delicious dessert.


Two (big) thumbs up to Pinterest......I'm a big fan of the sight!!

To my surprise....the art of cooking did not happen the way I had planned.   

How many of you,  get ALL of your ingredients out and get them organized before you start working on a recipe?  

You getting out the bowls, the measuring cups and spoons, the mixer, the ingredients and so forth and so forth.

I use to do that too!!

I just didn't do that on this particular day of cooking.

The recipe had three different parts to it.   Like the crust, the middle, and the top.  Each had to be mixed separately and it had to be baked for a length of time before adding another layer.   

So see.....I had plenty of time between each layer to get everything else lined out.  Between layers....I would take a deep breath and start to prepare for the next.

How could I possibly fail at making this wonderful dessert?

"Think positive Shug.....this is going to taste great"
YEP.....that's what I kept telling myself. did turn out great....just like it was suppose to

But.....this recipe was a little too sweet for me and
I wasn't a fan of the cream cheese in the middle.  A little disappointing.... :(   especially after being so excited about cooking again!

I don't know about you, but it is extremely difficult for me to serve something to others....that I don't like myself.

I took the dessert to our Church Home Groups and it was a hit......just not a big hit with me.  Sam thought it was Yummy!

Back to the cooking 101 issue.   It's not that I have lost ability to's that I now have a NEW stove and I'm having problems learning how to cook on the thing.  

I wanted a 2 oven stove and that is what I got.....only problem... I didn't do much research and what I've ended up with, is a stove that only has top elements in the ovens.   NOT GOOD!

It's a whole new way of cooking and one that I'm not fond of!!  lol.

Best advice:  Do a lot of research before making a big purchase like this!  Every family needs a good cook and the stove is a MAJOR component when it comes to cooking good.

Well....this was my cooking experience for the weekend!

Might be a while before I get in the mood to cook again!!




  1. I am pretty sure that you are still a good cook.I,on the other hand,have lost the desire to do much cooking or baking. I still would enjoy it,I think,if I had someone to share it with.Used to always have baked good in the freezer,not so much any more. Oh well,judging by my looks,I'm not suffering too much.LOL Have a great day.

  2. Hi Shug!

    I just had to giggle when I read your post this morning! I have felt that way for a long time . . . I just don't cook like I used to, and so my skills lack ... ;0) I'm pretty sure that you are a good cook, we just don't have to cook like we used to, and to tell you the truth, food just doesn't taste as good to me as it used to, just sayin'!

    I love Pinterest too, but, I have made a few things that I thought would be wonderful, and they were NOT wonderful! I have found that I need to be really careful when making a recipe from Pinterest.

    So sorry about your oven! I will have to pay close attention to appliances . . . if I ever buy a new one! I have heard from others that ovens, washers and dryers, dishwashers and other appliances are just not the same as they used to be . . . are we showing our age?!?!

    Keep on keeping on!!


  3. Shug, you are a good cook, you will be a good cook, only thing is getting used to the stove. Now I am a lazy cook because I find eating out is cheaper than home cooking just for 2 people. I only cook 2 to 3 days in a week, that is if I am not lazy.

  4. I sure don't cook like I used to, but the funny thing is I still love to collect recipe books! I have a gazillion of them and like to read them. Once in a while, I'll try a new recipe but not as often as I probably should. I'd rather go out to eat whenever I can, or fix something simple. Winter will probably see me cooking more. Hope you get the new oven figured out! Can you send it back and get an easier-to-use one?

  5. I'm glad you brought this up. Only upper elements? I've never heard of that. I don't like working hard over a recipe and have it not turn out as hoped. That'll kill the desire to cook in a heartbeat.

  6. I agree with the others, you are a good cook, it's just learning a new stove. I loved the 2 oven range I used to have, but I've never heard of that with only top elements. Hope you figure it out soon. The dessert looks delicious, and Pinterest is the best!!!

  7. Too funny!

    I am not a baker so I give you a pat on
    the back for tackling this recipe.

    Next time make something you know real
    well that will boost your confidence.

    M : )

  8. My mom had the same issue with her new stove. Made so different and it cooked so different! Keep trying!

  9. I have an on again/off again relationship with cooking. I love to cook & bake but there are days when I get so tired of cooking that I don't care if I ever see a stove again for the rest of my life.

    Now your dessert sounds yummy and from the Pinterest photo looked that way too. I love Cream Cheese so the filling would have been up my alley.


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