Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey ya'll.....hoping everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

Our Sunday was fabulous.....not only did we go to Church and worship God....but, I got to see our kiddos!  Shanda and her crew have been gone for about 10 days to Illinois and to Chicago.  I missed them terribly!

They drove 16 hours straight...on Saturday, coming home!

This Shug is thankful for the protection given to them by our Heavenly Father.   

Let me give a quick Praise Report in regards to our church...A few years ago, our church built a very nice "Youth Building."   Four years ago, the balance on the note was down to $360,000.00.   In January of this year, the balance was $60,000.00.....As of three weeks ago....the balance was $00.

Yes....yesterday was a truly awesome the congregation watched the note get burned!!

To God be all the Glory!!


I woke up this morning and decided that I was ready for a change......   I decided to do something that I had been contemplating for quite some time.    

I CUT my hair!!!!!

This may not sound like a big deal to any of you....but for me....this was huge!   

I liked my long hair....I liked my pony tail......

BUT....I needed a change!!

Blessings to each of you....

shug ~

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Mix of Old and New.

"Happiness.......the flowers of Summer, speak happiness to my soul."    

It's a lot of fun to mix the old with the new!  I found this fence while visiting in Frisco.....It's a bit unique....especially to be in a BIG city! was way too Hot to do a lot of exploring that, I just grabbed a few photos and went on my way!

The old rock fence was located in the same area!   My heart swelled when I saw this beauty!!

I'm linking with Good Fences today....

Don't forget to enjoy YOUR Blessings today...

shug ~

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When we need fixing....

I'm going to admit this only once......I am guilty of taking tools out of Sam's Toolbox...and I (sometimes) do not put them back where they belong.   

It's not that I don't have my own tools....I do!  I own a Pink hammer.  I also own a tape measure, a screw driver, and a few nails.

I guess it would be safe to say.....{I just enjoy using Sam's tools}

Why would I ever need to use tools?  Well.....just like everyone else, when things break... or I need to do a little handy work, I use TOOLS to help make the job easier.

The rest of the tools are tucked away in a utility drawer.

Same way with Sam's tools.....his tools are in his huge tool box {unless, I have misplaced them} and he only gets them out when something needs to be fixed.

Do you know that we sometimes allow our relationship with God to be used like a TOOL BOX.   We reach out for God when our life breaks!  When we are broken, we search every part of God's toolbox, looking for a fix.   

Don't get me wrong..... God offers us all that we need and HE is able to meet every broken problem in our lives.   However, when the issues in our life are fixed.....we need to continue to seek Praise fellowship with HIM.

God desires for us to have an everlasting personal relationship with HIM, at all times!  May we never treat our relationship with God like a toolbox......ONLY REACHING FOR HIM WHEN WE NEED FIXING.  

May your day be filled with many Blessings.

Shug ~

Monday, July 20, 2015


Howdy.........The Texas heat is upon us!  I dare not complain about it.  I know that there are a whole lot of folks whose jobs requires them to work outdoors in these hot temps.  My husband is one of them!!

Sam comes home for lunch everyday....and by noon.....he is already drenched in sweat.   The afternoon temps are even worse.   

I am doing something this week that I have never done before......

I am Rabbit sitting!!  We have had him for a couple of days now, and will continue taking care of him until next Sat. or Sun.

His name is "Digit" and he belongs to grandson.....Trey.

Digit is house broke!  When he is at home (at Trey's house)....Digit stays in the house and uses a kitty litter box to do his business.

At Shug's house......he is an outdoor rabbit!!   Lol.

I'm also the water girl!  It took me about 45 minutes to water the trees, flowers, Pumpkin vines, and shrubs.....this morning.   This was at the vacationers house!!   I then had to come home and water all of my stuff!!  Wow......I sure need a landscape watering system in my yard!!   

Isn't it wonderful how family can help family?    When we are gone, the grandkids take care of my plants....making sure they get watered every day.   They also take care of our little Bella...(dog)

When they are gone....we take care of their stuff!!  This is what families do!!

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."        John 15:12

Shug ~

Thursday, July 16, 2015

2 important messages...

Has it been a full week since I last posted?  Time sure gets by quickly.....when you're having fun.

It has been a great Summer......the temps have not been too bad, up until this past week.   We are getting closer and closer to the triple digit temps!   Yikes!

Speaking of Summer.....please be careful while out in the Sun!

Daughter #1 ......  has quite a sunburn!
This was even after she applied SPF 50 sun screen.

She forgot that she was taking Bactrim and evidently it caused her to burn.  

My love and I were gone for a few days this week......
A business meeting in Frisco, Texas!

This was my view from the 12th floor of our hotel....

And the back view.......See the Ikea store?
I never made it there!   I did venture out one of the days, and I went to the mall.   However....I felt very uncomfortable being out by myself.    The day I did choose to go to the Mall.....I had two (2) different men approach me in the Mall parking lot, to ask me a question.    Made me a bit nervous!!  I got in my car and locked the doors....real FAST!   Just can't be too comfortable.

I have to share this with you....... TEXAS sage!  Isn't it gorgeous!

Message in this post........

1.  Stay out of the Sun.
2.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times..   


Saturday, July 11, 2015

a Great day...

Sure has been an awesome day with my honey......One of those days with nothing planned....NO time schedules!

Spent some time this morning visiting my dad, and sitting at the car dealership....waiting for a light replacement on my SUV.   Then, it was lunch at Newks!  BBQ pizza and a soda!!  The best part.....spending quality time with Sam.   

This afternoon......we enjoyed a little sunshine!  We are working on our tans for the cruise.... the one we have coming up in September!  

Doesn't this look refreshing?  2 bad it doesn't belong to me!

I've spent the rest of the afternoon, packing for a small trip that we have coming up.   I sure wish I could learn to pack light!!   How many of you are like me......I always think I have to pack up my entire closet, for just a two or three night trip.  

I like to be comfortable and I certainly do not like to be stuck having just a few outfits to choose from.   Who of us ever know when we are going to feel bloated!!!!   LOL.   Anyways......I want to always be prepared for situations such as this.   COMFY is super important for me when it comes to being happy.

Comfy and COOL!   

Hope you all have enjoyed your day as much as I have....


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hidden Objects.....

 I would call this an interesting look......indeed!  A decor like no other.

While we were in Mississippi a few weeks ago.....we drove past this place and both of our grand kids were in Awe when they saw all the adornment that surrounded this home.

A little different for sure.....but, to each his own!   When I saw the photo, my thoughts immediately went to those "Hidden Object" games.   Can any of you connect with me as to how this could easily be considered a hidden object photo?

Let's see......CAN YOU FIND THE GARDEN FENCE?   Leave me a comment when you find it!!  lol.

I'm joining Good Fences today....


Shug ~

Monday, July 6, 2015

Red Blanket and the Swan!!

Hope it has been a great Monday for each of you!  Chiropractor visit for me {early this morning}.....and then a good visit with my dad after that.   

Just a short update on my dad:  I am happy to report that he is doing great...and he looks GREAT!   There are two things that he really loves.   One being his Red blanket/Spread.   Oh my....I think he is actually obsessed with the thing.   Yes....that is his belt wrapped around the folded blanket.  LOL.   He wanted to make sure that no one walked away with his RED blanket.  

Every single day.....he tells me {or anyone else that comes to visit} about this blanket.  Some great stories have been told when it comes to the Red Blanket.

It was a quick afternoon......time passes quickly when you're sleeping.   I had taken a couple of "Aleve" for my back, and all I can say is......they definitely made me sleepy!!  I think I even snored!


I thought this was so neat.....I had to share!!

What do you see?   What I saw was a SWAN.

Maybe a few too many feathers on the head....but is a gorgeous CLOUD swan!

I took this picture last Saturday night, while we were waiting on the Fire Works Show.  


Shug ~

Sunday, July 5, 2015

We made some FUN memories....

Oh What is to ride....on a barge, out on the lake!   I've been singing this to the tune of (Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh)    After's only 172 days until Christmas!!!

We actually did take a barge ride on the 4th of July!!

And another thing that we did was make a lot of FUN

Fun as in.......we had a few issues with the barge on the way back to the dock!  Nothing Big!!   No one had to paddle and no one had to come tow us in......but there were a few moments there, when I must admit.... I was talking to myself.....saying ......."You can do this......You can dog paddle to shore!" "It's only 300 hundred yards, but you can do this!"

I had a tad bit of SWEAT dripping from my head, so I'm sure that the lake water would have felt totally awesome!

Fun event #2.........12 of us, sitting at a table that was made for 8.  We enjoyed every minute of the closeness!  Our friend, Susie.....has the funniest kids EVER!  These are not small kids....they are grown adult children......

I promise you.....they both should be comedians!  Both of them are hilarious and so full of wit.  They kept us laughing....and nobody even noticed that we were sitting elbow to elbow!!
Fun, fun......

Fun Event #3..........All 12 in our Shanda and her family, sitting out on the Golf course, waiting for the Fire work show.   

We entertained ourselves with a talent show, which consisted of all kinds of "Talents."    Dancing......some cartwheels......a few races (kids and adults alike) and ......and.....well, let me just say:
None of us know anything about that small patch of grass that has turned brown on this plush green golf course!!! wasn't an adult that had to relieve themselves......Was it a little 3 year old boy, or was it some tainted raindrops?  We'll never tell.

And.....speaking of raindrops, or should I say RAIN!!!!!!!    During the Fire work Event, there was {1} single cloud that decided to open up and cause a DOWNPOUR.........Yep, I said downpour!

Forget the Fireworks......we were all scrambling for shelter from the rain!!  I Got Drenched....along with everyone else!!

See........These are WONDERFUL memories made!!
We will forever remember July 4th, 2015......and I love it!

What did the rest of you do on the 4th of July?     

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Nothing new is happening around here......

How often I catch myself saying this.    

But wait.........I'm gonna think about this for a few minutes!!  *#! hmmmm*#!*#!*#! hmmmm *#!*#!*#! hmmmm *#!*#!*#!

What is it that I'm thinking of when I say "Nothing New is happening around here?"   Is it necessary to wake up each day to something new happening?  The word contentment comes to my mind here!

Learning to be content and thankful for where I am in my life!!

After all..... All new things become Old.   For some people, new things become OLD.... fast!   

New things never stay new.....which makes it necessary to enjoy the old.  For example:  I got new tires on my car!  This made me happy just knowing that the new tires, keep me safe.    Now that a month has passed....I never think of those tires.

On June 16th....we celebrated our 43rd anniversary.....beginning our 44th year of marriage is a new excitement......   later on,  I'll be looking forward to making plans for our 44th year celebration, when I should be concentrating on all of the memories being made in our year 43.

Have you ever shopped for a new vehicle? much excitement.   Have you ever said those famous words?  "No drinking or eating in our new car"  OR  "I'm gonna keep this car clean at all times."    After a few months of holding to your pull in a drive thru of a fast food joint, and order the #1 complete with a drink and ketchup for your fries!

The new has worn off on your new car.......and it's now ok to do exactly what it was that you said you were not going to do.   
Ut Oh......the New is now old!

The older I get......the more I realize that things do not have to be NEW!  As a matter of fact.....I'm finding that the things of old are more appealing to me than ever before.  

Our home is decorated with OLD things.....some items are really OLD.  Old peddle cars, old lace linens, old refurbished furniture, an old antique window, and so on and so on!  I love this look!  The look of years past.

Contentment......yes, this is my word for today!  Being content with my life and the things that surround me.   Concentrating on the moments....the memories of what the NEW day holds.   

I'm feeling good......I'm happy......and I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me today!!

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.......HIS mercies never come to and end......they are NEW every every morning.....Great is HIS Faithfulness."

Blessings to each of you today....
shug ~

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