Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, July 16, 2015

2 important messages...

Has it been a full week since I last posted?  Time sure gets by quickly.....when you're having fun.

It has been a great Summer......the temps have not been too bad, up until this past week.   We are getting closer and closer to the triple digit temps!   Yikes!

Speaking of Summer.....please be careful while out in the Sun!

Daughter #1 ......  has quite a sunburn!
This was even after she applied SPF 50 sun screen.

She forgot that she was taking Bactrim and evidently it caused her to burn.  

My love and I were gone for a few days this week......
A business meeting in Frisco, Texas!

This was my view from the 12th floor of our hotel....

And the back view.......See the Ikea store?
I never made it there!   I did venture out one of the days, and I went to the mall.   However....I felt very uncomfortable being out by myself.    The day I did choose to go to the Mall.....I had two (2) different men approach me in the Mall parking lot, to ask me a question.    Made me a bit nervous!!  I got in my car and locked the doors....real FAST!   Just can't be too comfortable.

I have to share this with you....... TEXAS sage!  Isn't it gorgeous!

Message in this post........

1.  Stay out of the Sun.
2.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times..   



Laurie said...

Hey Shug, your Texas Sage is gorgeous! And I'm glad you got in the car and locked the doors. You can't be too careful these days. I've had them approach me wanting to sell CDs. Weird! I did the same as you. Hope your daughters sunburn doesn't hurt to much. It looks bad. Have a good weekend.

Wanda said...

Oh Boy, that is so true, in both cases. I am blessed with some indian blood (Cherokee) and even those my hair was (red) I got the good skin and don't burn easily. However, two of our four, burn real my dearest's genes.

And I'm so aware of my surroundings...especially parking lots. We had a dear friend's daughter accosted and raped and murdered in her own car, as she unlocked it to get in. So I'm with aware at all times.

Michelle said...

After you live in a small area it really is different when you stay in the city. I hate going to malls anymore! Glad you made it in your car safely!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Ouch! That sunburn looks nasty.Good advice to watch out for strangers.Have a fabulous weekend.

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Ouch! I have had too many sunburns to go out without sunscreen . . . I hope your daughter is doing ok.

You really can never be too careful! The other day, my husband and I were approached in a grocery store parking lot, by a man selling jewelry from another country. I have to tell you it was kind of scary, and I'm glad my husband was with me! We really need to be aware of our surrounding all the time!

Texas Sage is beautiful, I've never seen it!!

Have a wonderful week-end!


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I grew up in Dallas... and lived there after marriage before moving here 20 years ago (?!.... almost come January)
I don't feel as comfortable in the city like I used to.
...and being you live so close, I'll tell you.
You can't be too careful in small towns either! My daughter, recently went back to work Nursing at a home in Canton.
Right after returning to work, within a couple of weeks... she was asked to come outside, by a man "meeting someone" there. She told him NO. (and got assistance from two other nurses...who then escorted him from the building and called police. They found him after he drove off...but he fled!!! They ended up catching the guy in Athens, under the influence and having drugs in his possession.
I'm so glad she has common sense. I praise God for giving her that ...and protecting her. small town America.
-Ouch! on the one of those myself, this week.

-Be aware and sober minded... the devil prowls around like a lion, looking for someone to devour!

Grace and Peace...

Deb said...

Good advice! You are like me - I always get nervous going places by myself. We have "Texas Sage" here in Arizona. We have several bushes here in our backyard, but I think it is called something different here - maybe Arizona Sage! Enjoy the week ahead and stay safe and out of the sun!

Gail Dixon said...

I know that exact spot very well! And I will be returning there on Wed. to see my boys. So excited to get back to Dallas, but not excited for the triple digit temps. I'm glad you reacted fast when the men approached you at the mall. Definitely sounds suspicious. Be safe and thanks for the sunburn and safety advice!

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