Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

Shame on me!!!  Days like to today can sure add a lot of laughter to the soul....                              if you plan out the               details.....CAREFULLY

What day is it?????

It's April Fools Day......and I did it up good!

I love my sweet, sweet son-in-law {Tom}

and when you love people, you often think of them.   

This morning....I was passing their house, and I suddenly remembered that today was April Fools Day.

I couldn't resist......

It's not an unusual thing for me to call Tom, at least a couple times during the year, to ask if they intended to leave their garage door up.  

Some mornings are just busy and one or the other {Tom or Shanda} will drive out the driveway....while forgetting to put the door down.  

Now keep in mind that they live on a Farm to Market road, and several homes in the area have been broken into over the past few years.

Anyways.....this morning, I called Tom's cell phone and when he answered, I said:  "Hey Tom, just wanted to check to see if you left your garage door up on purpose?  There is a truck in your driveway and they are loading up your 4 wheeler.  Is someone taking it to work on it?"   

I could hear the stress in his voice!!!  Before I could even say: "April Fools"....he hung the phone up.

Yep...I knew without a doubt what he was doing.  He was looking for the number to call the police!!!

I immediately called him back and thank goodness he answered!  He was already in his truck, headed to Chandler and YES, he was looking for the # to phone the police.

I said:  "Tom, Tom.....April Fools!

What a sigh he gave off.  NO...he wasn't mad at me.  He was just so relieved to know the truth!!

He laughed, and I am still laughing!!!

He has told me several times today...."That I GOT HIM."

Yep, I sure did!!!

It almost backfired on me, but I was able to save myself from being picked up and hauled off to jail for this hilarious prank.

I could just see the Headlines now:

"April Fools joke lands East Texas Woman in jail."   lol.....

Isn't life FUN!


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