Monday, March 30, 2015

Pull Off the Boots and Enjoy Spring...

Blurry as it may be....I still think this picture is showing signs of pure beauty.

I must admit...traveling down the road and snapping a picture is NOT the best way to take photos.   Rest assured, I was not driving!   Sam was!!  When I saw these gorgeous tulips, I immediately took the shot.

This beauty is in my yard.  This is a Weeping Flowering Peach tree....called: "Crimson Cascade." 

   It is full of blooms and it would have had many more.....if {I} had not trimmed the thing.    Oh my..I can still see the reaction on Sam's face, when he came home one day after work, to find that I had trimmed his precious jewel.  

The Azaleas are starting to bloom!!

The "Red Bud" trees are covered in blooms this year!

And.....the ponds are all FULL..

Great time to do some fishing!!

I think Mylee caught a "pine cone" instead of a fish!

A great day to pull off the boots and enjoy Spring!!


Shug ~


  1. Oh! those tulips are pretty!
    I've done exactly what you've done and over pruned...but usually I end up killing it!
    That's what happened to my azalea bush... it was murdered. :(
    The ponds are all brimming here... looks like y'all had fun.

    enjoy these days!

  2. We have nothing like this yet! Only crocus and jonquils. Phil used to work in a peach orchard, and even he has never heard of a Weeping Flowering Peach tree. Wish I could see it in real life!! Why did you trim it? The Red Bud is looking good! Love your header, especially the bumble bee!

  3. Looks like Spring has sprung in Texas!

    M :)

  4. I love that Tulip shot. It has a dreamy look to it.We are not quite to the flowers here yet,but soon enough.

  5. YES!! Spring is finally peeking through! I love it! Your family is having such fun fishing. My Zack would be all over that. ;) Good times building good memories. blessings ~ tanna

  6. Shug, a delightful post this morning to get my day started. It's so much fun to see the trees blooming and all the tender leaves appearing. We worked in the yard most of the yesterday.

  7. Those tulips are so vibrant and the Crimson Cascade is so full and gorgeous. Our red buds are past blooming; already leafing out. Wish they lasted longer. :( Take it easy and continue to heal, my friend.


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