Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Seeing White!!

Our home looks bare....I mean like almost empty! 

This house has been filled with all kinds of Christmas decor...since the end of October!! (It was the Christmas tour that made me do it)

There was no way that I was going to be able to pack away the Christmas....not now for sure! 
Both girls came over this past Monday and within hours.....I could declare this place "A White House!"

A white house???.... The shelves are empty, the walls are naked, and the place is clutter FREE!! I can see the white shelves and everything looks crisp!!

I LOVE IT!!!   For Now, Anyways!!

How about you?  Are your Christmas decorations still hanging around...Or, are you now seeing white as well??



Debbie said...

That cardinal picture is lovely!
I got everything packed and put up in the attic yesterday. Handyman helped me carry it upstairs, but we were both worn out by evening. The only thing left is a little glitter and a lot of dust! WHERE does that stuff come from! Now I want to redecorate and move things around! No rest for the wicked. :D

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love your cardinal! I was just hanging out the window (brrr, it was cold!) trying to get a shot of the gorgeous red birds this morning. It's too dark and dreary to get a good shot tho.
Yes, I still have Christmas hanging around...because I love it and will keep it up until the 6th.
Have a nice weekend!

Ginny said...

I have to have everything straight, and neat. But it would be too bare without the decorations. I am not taking them down yet after all the work it was putting them up. I need some cheer for the bleak weather. A doctor friend declared that he was leaving theirs up until mid February, so that is what we are doing too!! I bet it will not take you long to fill the white spaces with some beauty!!

Ruth Hiebert said...

My decorations always come down on the 26 o27th of December. By that time I am ready to be done with Christmas.

Kimmie said...

About to do same. I love decorating a real tree (the fresh pine smell) and our house. The pulling down part with messy dry pine needles etc. and the packing away of decorations not so much fun.

Shug when I clicked publish on your comment on my latest blog post it disappeared. Gremlins in the line??? So sorry. Please feel free to leave again. Always love it when you stop by.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I took them all down yesterday... though there is still a bit outside to be put away. You are a lucky lady to have those daughters to whoosh in and help! On with our clean slates!! blessings ~ tanna

Betsy Adams said...

We usually stay decorated until Jan. 6 (epiphany) ---but since my surgery is on the 8th, we will undecorate this week... I want to come home after surgery to a 'bare' home and hopefully a clean one!!!!!

Glad you had some HELP getting things all put away.


Michelle said...

I still have one, lowly tree waiting to be taken down. Everything else is put away!

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