Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love and Laughter

Oh my goodness.....what a fun afternoon I had...Yesterday!  Who knew that I would experience so much joy while taking my dad to the doctor.

It was just a routine appointment...but it was one that allowed me to see a joyful child in a 83 year old man.

Upon our arrival at the doctors office....the receptionist ask for my dad's insurance cards.....to my amazement, he calmly told me that he threw them away!  My first thought was..."You threw them AWAY?"...."What?"

All I could do was look into those beautiful eyes and smile....He wanted to know if he didn't have them, was the doctor going to put him in jail.   All the while that my face showed laughter....my heart was heavy and longed for the "detailed" man that once existed.... before he became a victim of Alzheimer's!

There was so much warmth and gentleness in his tone.....and I sensed that he felt as if he had done something wrong.  I assured him that all was good.  So, he continued our conversation with a story that I have heard a gazillion times!!  

Today was different....I didn't mind hearing that old story AGAIN!
I listened as if it were the very first time that he had ever shared the words with me.

On our way home....he insisted that I had taken him to places that he had never been before...Oh yes...he has spent a life time riding up and down that old 31, but to him...on this particular day... it was unknown...it was something new!

Another moment that cracked me up, was his participation in making the red lights.....turn green!  What can I say...it worked many times!  As we approached a red light...he would gently blow a puff of wind...and the light would turn GREEN!  I'm not sure who laughed more...Him or Me.

The entire afternoon was filled with precious words and gestures. Things that I will never forget....a time that I will always hold dear to my heart.

I would say to my dad.....

Not everyone will understand this journey that you are on....But that is OK...I love you and I understand!   I will walk beside you...... I will hold your hand. 

           Forever Blessed


  1. You are both fortunate to have each other. This was a very beautiful post, Shug.

  2. What a sweet and loving daughter you are. Enjoy him all you can for as long as you can. My mom pulled some dillies as she progressed. She cut all the buttons off her dresses. She managed to alude the caregivers at the convalescent center once after a mild surgery and walked almost 2 miles down a highway before she was picked up by a nice man who recognized her wearing the same gown his mom wore at the home. I shake my head at that one! Everhy once in awhile she would reach far into her past and pull out a memory that would just shock us. I hope your dad has many good days, weeks, months ahead, and God will bless you with many good memories within those.

  3. Ah----Love it, and love your response to your Dad and his humor... Bless his heart... The good news is that he has no pain and is as happy as a duck... Maybe that's the way to be as we age... No more worries... God Bless him --and you...

    Hugs and Prayers for him,

  4. Oh Shug...my heart aches for you. My father was the same way...bless his sweet heart. But we can only find the blessings in this situation. You still have him, even though at times he may not know you. And to see these bright and brilliant men's light go dimmer each day.

    Blessings and love,

  5. You are a wonderful daughter, Shug. Love and laughter are good medicine for any of us, any time. But, especially for your Dad... and you. hugs and blessings ~ tanna

  6. What is awesome about this post is how you found joy in the situation even though I know it's one that you wish was very different.

  7. Shug, I wish I had been as patient and loving as you when my mom started getting dementia. Your attitude, Godly wisdom, and faith are seeing you through this with much joy. God bless. This was a beautiful post. Thank you.


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