Monday, November 17, 2014

Refreshing River Waters.....

It's no surprise to my family and friends.....just how much I truly "LOVE" ...... Rivers!!  

Here in East Texas...we have a few small rivers, but I must say...  I'm NOT super fond of them.  Our small rivers are more like muddy waters!!

Tranquility fills my soul when I think of clear, refreshing waters 
as they run through a serene landscape.  

It is a wonderful feeling to experience the flow of God's refreshing waters as they cover me with such sweet PEACE! 

HIS amazing Love can replenish my thirst, even in times of being tested. This is the very reason that I need to be soaked in God's refreshing waters....everyday!

Just yesterday....during my Praise and Worship ...I found myself completely absorbed in my Praising God for all of HIS goodness.  In no time at all...I was lost...only to find myself, standing near a stream, in a plush forest of spruce trees. 

The fragrance was that of pure sweetness and I could feel myself leaning in the everlasting arms of Jesus.  How awesome is this? 

Oh my...what a glorious experience!  Yes, I could move to the mountains or the hills...I could surround my days with such splendid landscapes, and I know without a heart would be so full of joy!!  God's creation is so splendid.

All the same....I am Blessed by the move of the Holy Spirit, which allows me to experience all these things....right here, in my own being, right where I'm at.    I am so in love with my Heavenly Father!!!

Just Words from my heart!
Shug ~

             Whoever believes in me, as scripture has said, rivers of water will flow from within them.....

                                                                 John 7:38


  1. Nice post. I always find the right words and inspiration when I visit here. I feel the same about rivers, ocean, lakes and we have a lake down the street and rivers around also. God's creation is so splendid, for sure.

  2. I love how you open your heart and share so freely. The love you have for Jesus shows in every post.

  3. How beautiful. Your words are such a blessing as I said in your previous post. I have learned only this year to simply praise God and bask in his love for me. All life's little details he will then take care of. Why did it take so long for me to realize this? It is a beautiful place to be, isn't it?

  4. Very inspirational post. Thank you so much for sharing this.


  5. Being "moved by the Spirit" is awesome.


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