Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, November 21, 2014


Good morning friends...

It's a rainy day here in East Texas and there are a whole lot of leaves that have fallen to the ground.   

As hard as I try to keep the leaves raked up and away from the doors, there always seems to be a few that makes their way just inside the entrance.  I suppose they stick to the bottom of shoes or pants legs....and in they come!

Thanksgiving is next week and I'm very excited.   This year...we are having our family Thanksgiving Dinner at Ty and Trista's house. The kids love all the land that they have out back, and they so enjoy the PIGS!!  Yep...we have three new show pigs out there.

I'm still making the Dressing and the sweet potato casserole....along with bringing the Ham and a few desserts.  The girls are taking care of the rest of the meal....  I can't wait!!!

Our home is ready for the Christmas Tour...can't mess it up before the big day.  LOL!!

Had an incident happen day before yesterday.   All of a sudden...the dining room light started making this weird sound, and of the lights just burst into flames!!  Skeered me so much.   I shut off the breaker and Tori climbed up on the table and blew out the flames!! 

I dare to think about what could have happened had we not been here. I do believe we would be homeless today!! 

The electrician came and the light fixture has now been replaced.  They checked the wiring and it turned out to be a faulty wire in that particular arm of the chandelier.  Might I add...I loved that light fixture!!  

We have much to be Thankful for!!!

Well....I hope each of you have a wonderful day.   Stay warm and don't forget to do something good for yourself today!!  You deserve it!!  

I plan to do some Catching-Up reading lots of your post.  



Ruth Hiebert said...

There definitely was a reason that you were at home when that happened. Have a super weekend.

Ginny said...

You and Sam look so YOUNG in this cool header!! What a blessing that you were home when this happened!!! I cannot wait to see your tour pictures, and finally see your beautiful home! Are you nervous? Knowing you, I bet you have everything just perfect, so there is nothing left to do now but enjoy the family dinner.

Debbie said...

Those pesky leaved do get in! We have also had a couple of incidents and we too were home when it happened and put out the fire. Don't tell us there isn't a God in Heaven! Right? So thankful that you have your home intact!
The Thanksgiving foods you're having sound delicious. I can't remember the last Thanksgiving our family had together. With the kids living away, and some have been overseas, we just haven't. I miss it. Maybe some day.
Hug yours close!

Gert said...

Love your new header! I'm so glad you are safe! I'm afraid of electricity when it flickers or weird things like that. But have never had something like that happen. Thank goodness! Sounds like you're in for a wonderful Thanksgiving! Bless you and yours!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh my Goodness.. That is scary about the light fixture... Glad you WERE home... But--thinking about what could have been is scary.

Glad to hear that you and Sam are going to one of your daughter's homes for Thanksgiving Dinner... Amazes me how many mothers still do everything even after the kids all grow up and are capable of doing it....


Pam said...

Great header! Scary with the light fixture and glad you were there to take care of it. Sounds like your dinner will be great!

Gail Dixon said...

My golden retriever mix brings in leaves that stick to his paws. It's so frustrating.

I'm so happy you were home when the chandelier malfunctioned. You certainly have a lot to be thankful for. Sorry about the loss of your beautiful chandelier, though.

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