Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seeing fences at a snail's pace.....

While riding in the parade route this past Saturday....I noticed this gate.  This amazing view caught my eye.  It was a leaning pine tree and the gorgeous Fall colors as they so delicately appeared in the distance.  

I've lived in Chandler for over 42 years now and I have never taken the time to notice these particular trees, during the Fall, or any other season. 

Beauty is all around us....
We just need to slow down...

The parade that day was moving at a Snail's pace....and perhaps this is the reason why I was able to see the beauty that has been there all along!

I played around with this photo and I used some of the Halloween 
editing turned out kinda cute!!

Another view as we traveled the parade route....

Whether it's baking muffins, planting a rose, or riding in a parade.......there is so much beauty and goodness that surrounds us. Our hurried life styles, can cause us to miss out on the simple sweetness for which God gives us to enjoy!!

Not sure a snail's pace will get me very will allow me to zoom in to the grand beauty that I didn't even know existed..

Enjoy the Blessing of this day!

I'm joining Good Fences today....


  1. love the fence and trees you viewed going slow! :) cute little jacks you added, too. thanks for linking in!

  2. Oh my gosh, you did VERY good! At first I thought this really WAS a pumpkin looks so real!! The trees beyond this big graceful fence are pretty, too! I have been going at a snail's pace for many years now. But you know what? People like me get to see much more than those who are in a rush and don't take time to smell the roses! We see the little things and the hidden things.

  3. The leaning tree and the fall colors make a beautiful scene.

  4. Love how you captured the lovely fall colours through the fences.

  5. Bet it was fun riding in that parade route, such lovely scenery. Beautiful trees and nice fences indeed.

  6. Neat fence shots- and you are right- it is always a better idea to slow down than to rush through life.

  7. Love this post! It's a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the small gifts surrounding us! :)

  8. Life often seems to be rush-rush, doesn't it? It's important to take time to enjoy the beauty that is all around us!
    I like the little jack o'lanterns you set on the fence. Cute!

  9. Great pictures. The Fall colors are
    so pretty.

    Happy Halloween!

    M : )

  10. what a great post and i like the cute halloween edit :)

  11. I like these gorgeous trees and fence that you noticed when traveling at a snail's pace. It is good to slow down, I agree.


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