Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over.....

There is something "New" going on with me!  Can anyone guess?

Nope...I'm not pregnant and I didn't win the lottery.

I am learning to DRINK WATER and to Enjoy it!!

My goal?  To be able to say that my drink of choice is Water!!
(not Southern Sweet Tea)

There are so many benefits to drinking water....I've just never been one to take these benefits seriously.

For one thing....Water flushes out the toxins that store up in our bodies.
Water helps to keep the skin hydrated and can create a beautiful glow in our face.

It also helps our kidneys function well and BEST of's cheap!

Well....for those of us who drink tap can be cheap!

I've just never been one to drink lots of I can honestly say that a half of cup is suffice for my thrist.  

But....I'm learning....I'm learning to let my cup runneth over!! I am learning to drink an abundant supply of water!!

Aside from water....there are other cups that we can invite to overflow in our lives.  


This excites me.....Can you imagine how great it must be to wake up each day and to be able to say....."My Cup Over Runneth with Kindness today"  ???

This would be AWESOME!!

don't just let your cup be filled with water, coffee, tea or your choice of drink..

Fill it with Goodness and let this goodness be a blessing to others!!


I have a distant neighbor who I totally respect for his acts of kindness.   This gentleman is.....let me can I say this so that you all will understand?  Lets just say that he is challenged, but not physically challenged!  He lives by himself and he is able to care for all his needs.   He can not drive and therefore....He walks everywhere.  (Something that I need to do more of)

I can look out my kitchen window, .....and can watch him as he walks across the big empty lot.  He will be heading out to find something that he can do for someone else.   

He has no problem saying whatever it is that he thinks!!!....(Which, if you don't know him....his words just might hurt your feelings)  If a person is a little on the hefty side...he might just have the tendency to let them know!!
He just says what he sees and feels!!!   This can be humorous at times!!

But.....he is always willing to do for others!  Many tines, the things that he does results in hard labor.      It is truly a blessing for me to see his generous works!  I can truly say that his kind deeds  (cup) truly over runneth!!  

We all have cups that need to be filled.....Filled to overflowing!!



Ruth Hiebert said...

You have such a beautiful way with words. I try to get my daily amount of water,but fail on some days.Now I need to work on those other areas where I need to fill my cup. Have a blessed day and thanks for being an encouragement to me.

Ginny said...

Shug! This man reminds me of the bible passage that says to be like a little child in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven!! He seems innocent, straightforward and unaware of the effect of words, and so generous with his time and help. I am so glad you are drinking water!! I had bladder trouble when I was first married, and the doctor told me to drink at least three pints of plain water every day. Same with our son, though it was tough making a little child drink it! Water for humans is like gas for a car. Plus the more I drink, the less hungry I get, a good bonus. I start each day with one pint before I even eat. Then I try to fit in two more during the day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I drink a lot of water...always have. You might try a slice of lemon in your glass of cold water for a refreshing drink. We also installed a filter so that we can drink tap water and not have to buy water. You're going to feel so great drinking lots of water! Hugs, Diane

Ginny said...

I'm doing the longest double take ever! You got me all concentrated on water. SO, WHAT is the glorious damn?? It is just stunning, especially with those trees behind it. And it is SO big! There are just layers and layers of water...all tying in your subject today!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

That is a beautiful photo, Shug! I love fall and all it's glorious colors.
I try to drink water, but I have to confess most of the time it is flavored with tea! lol! I do know that lemon water is very good for you, so I try to drink that often, too.
Have a wonderful evening!

Gail Dixon said...

I LOVE water! My mother wouldn't let me drink anything else growing up. I crave it when I've been doing yard work or biking or kayaking. I can attest that it's very good for the skin. You are making so many wonderful changes in your life. Go girl! The neighbor sounds like a hoot!

Betsy Adams said...

Good for you... I drink lots of water --and enjoy it... I drink about 64 oz each day (or more)... I never drink iced tea anymore nor any kind of soda.... The only other drinks I enjoy are my coffee and hot tea (green tea when possible).....

Neat about the man you talked about. Reminded me of my ex-husband's brother. He had a learning disability --and lived alone and walked everywhere. He got cancer about 10 yrs. ago and died --but I'll never forget "Jimmy"...


Dar said...

You are doing what I'd turned to over a year ago. The only time I have any soda of any kind anymore, is maybe, and I mean 'maybe', at a wedding etc.
Usually, tho, its lots of water, morning coffee and more water before I go to bed and if I get up in the middle of the night, I'm sipping water again.
I remind my grandkids that they may only be thirsty rather than hungry for snacks. Good for you. Keep it up. You will be rewarded.
I love the story of your neighbor. He reminds us to be giving, not taking. Wonderful fella. May all our cups overflow with such goodness.

Terri said...

Awesome photo- I love it! I need to drink more water, and I keep trying..I even carry a little bottle with me to church..but I just don't like water all that well. I really need to get off of the diet sodas, that is for sure!

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