Monday, October 27, 2014

Absolutely Stunning......

an explosion of color is covering one of the fields at the farm right  now!


While at the farm this weekend, Sam wanted me to see one of the fields located on the back side of the property.  Oh my.....when you have 3,000 trees lined up in rows, and bursting with Fall makes for one gorgeous canvas!

The Best way to describe this view......MORE than BEAUTIFUL!!

Each year.....this particular field of "Chinese Pistache" trees....delivers an outstanding array of Beauty!!

There are some great rewards when it comes to a 
"Tree Farm"


I attended a Tea yesterday afternoon.  It was so nice to spend some time with these lovely ladies.   The purpose of this tea.....was to talk and learn more about the "Christmas Tour of Homes."

I regret not having my camera with me.......The spread of finger foods was simply amazing, and the Lime Tea was a big hit.

A very sweet group of ladies!!


Today, is Dr. day for me!!  I'm trusting that my blood work will deliver some great results.   Over the past couple of months, I have taken breads, sweets, chips and salsa out of my diet.  Also....I have had no fried foods!!  

Surely......good results will come from me cutting out these foods.


Hope you enjoy the Fall pics and I also Hope you enjoy your day!!

shug ~


  1. WOW,that is stunning color.I do hope your doctor visit yielded good results.

  2. Beautiful trees! Love the reds.

    Hope the dr goes well.

    M : )

  3. I have never heard of these gorgeous trees!! They are even beyond stunning!! Please let us know how the appointment went. I KNOW you have willpower! How long will the tour last, and will lots and lots of people be in your home? I hope you show US everything that they see at your house!!

  4. My gosh, that is some beautiful fall foliage! I do hope your bloodwork comes back back with positive results. Sounds like you are doing all the right things, diet-wise.

  5. Oh yeah that is an amazing and gorgeous display of color. Hope you had a good report from the doctor.


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