Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Face Book Debates my sweet, sweet husband loves debates!!  He deserves the title of "Face Book....King of Debates".....  The truth is...his personality is very funny and MOST of his FB friends know that he is just that, a fun-filled dedicated friend who loves to say the word datgum!!!!

I can honestly tell you that as for my Sam....he is usually the biggest supporter of the very thing that he has put out there for a debate.   In other words, he may make a comment, but I can assure you that nine times out of ten....he is one of the biggest fans in upholding the  POSITIVE role in any debate!!!  I suppose you could say, he uses reverse psychology on the takers of his debates!!!!   lol.

As for makes me very nervous!  Most people hide behind their true feelings when there is a real, face to face conversation going on......but give them Face Book....and boy, a whole lot of negative words can flow faster than honey!!

How do you become eligible for one of these debates?  Well, first of all.....we all know the way face book works, You "FRIEND" others, which allows them to become a part of your world.   Did you grasp that word "Friend?"

My question is....are these friends really friends or are they just simply acquaintances? must feel very strong about  the topic that is being debated.  Each individual has their own opinion!!

Friends and  "mean words" not make for a happy medium.   I truly am not a fan of being the one who hurts others with my own words, nor am I a fan of being the recipient of harsh negative words.  (especially from FRIENDS)

I guess you could say that I am shockingly amazed by how serious some people can react to a simple topic !  

Perhaps it is time for me to opt out of Face Book.....due to the fact that I do not enjoy seeing the negative side of personalities put out there by people, that I do consider to be our friends.....not acquaintances!!!

BTW....I am posting this on FB.......I wonder how many comments I will get.....     I'm guessing NONE!!

Have a good day......dear friends!!



the popster said...

Dearest Shug, I so love your blog and opinions! We could all learn from your sweetness and kind hearted spirit!
In regard to Sam let me add, in the words of on Craig Nash, I like to stir the pot,which is closely related to SAMs debates! I too am often supportive of the subject being stirred or debated, and never mean anything harmful. However, I know I sometimes allow the fire under my pot to get get a little to hot and I come off wrong to some! I will not apologize for my stand nor my opinions! I should be more like you!

Betsy Adams said...

Very interesting, Shug... Your Sam reminds me of my good friend, Neal. Neal is a fun-loving guy with opinions ---but spouts off those opinions in a funny sort of way.. He loves to tease --and I love him for that.

BUT--some people don't like teasing and dealing with others' opinions. That is why I stay away from controversy. I lost a good blog friend once because of politics.. SO--that taught me to stay away from that subject especially on Facebook and on my Blog...

People seem to think they can 'write' their opinions --even nasty ones -- but would NEVER say those things to one's face. It's 'easy' for them to spout off while writing...

Some people are more thin-skinned than others (me being one of them).. I am a 'pleaser' who tries to stay positive... I am sensitive --and do get 'hurt' at times by someone's remark. BUT--99% of the time on FB and on my blog, I am happy with the comments that come in... BUT--I think that is because I do stay positive (most of the time)....

Don't let others on FB upset you... If you don't like someone's response or posts, just 'block' them--and you won't have to read them... (I have several people blocked.)

In other words, we who love you --love you for your positive personality. We NEED you. Please don't allow a negative person to make you quit FB or Blogging. Don't let them WIN..... Stick with us. We love you, Shug....

Remember my favorite saying: "Surround yourself with POSITIVE people."


Lewis Leonard said...

Good read. You are right, as with most everything there is good and bad, positive and negative. I know I have to catch myself sometimes with what I post because I like to tease sometimes. I have typed the post, about to post it and then I think,wait, this may not come across the proper way to those that read it, so I don't. Sure enjoy keeping up with folks, the Lord has blessed you and Sam with a wonderful family. By the way, I love the picture of Pops and Shug, have a great day.

Ginny said...

I know what you mean, Shug! Things people would never say face to face get plastered all over Facebook! And also the LANGUAGE they use!! We have been very sorry that we friended some of the people that we did. Some of them I do not even KNOW!! But yet you feel bad if you do not accept their friend request; who wants to feel rejected? These are just a few of the problems with it. But nothing is perfect, and it has so many good points.

must love junk said...

Shug, I totally agree-friends (er, people) can be so negative and hurtful on FB! I've seen friends get caught up in that...that's why I use FB only for my shop, not personally. It's just not for me.

Michelle said...

FB is just for fun, for me. I don't involve myself with any debates, negativity, or anything else. Just the positive!

Terra said...

My friends and acquaintances on FB and our blogs are a good hearted group and they do not go overboard on sensitive topics. So I still enjoy FB and blogging.

Gert said...

Shug.. I do not debate or put much debatable stuff on FB. One time I shared something I thought was true...and some of the comments I got back..(not nice) I wanted to delete it and get away from these


Gail Dixon said...

I understand where you're coming from. Some people just don't get sarcasm or joking around. Everyone is too serious these days! But, whenever I feel Facebook Fatigue, which happens often, I just take a break. Hopefully, you can get past this. I'm sure those who know y'all, KNOW that you both are a fun-loving couple. Hugs!

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