Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Secret Admirer...

~~ Secret #1........I stare at you when you're not looking!!! ~~

Do any of you have Secret Admirer's ??

I had no idea that I had one that has been watching me for weeks now.   Kinda makes me nervous!!

You're probably asking......."How did you find out about this secret admirer?"

Quite a funny to how I found out, but let me try to explain.

Let me begin by saying that my mom always loved the outdoors....She had so many plants and flowers and we always joked with her about how she was the "Water Woman."

There was just something about the running water flowing out of a water hose that she dearly loved.    Believe me.....every one of her plants/flowers always had plenty to drink. appears that I too have the same love that my mom had.
I love to go outside and hand water my plants.    I love to tug on a water hose and drag the thing from flower bed.... to flower the many pot plants that I have.  I just have to make sure that each individual plant gets enough water and a little TLC.

 I get up each morning and go out to our front lawn to do my routine watering.   For several weeks now{in the middle of my watering} I hear someone whistle at me.   I have looked and stared and glanced in every direction.....trying to figure out who it is.

Last week, a black SUV passed by and I immediately heard the whistle.   SO....I turned around and gave them a BIG wave.   I had no clue as to who they were, and after glancing again at the vehicle..... it was quite evident this person was nit the one whistling.

How do I know?   Because their window was rolled up! 
{I bet they thought I was some kind of friendly lady, the way I was waving like a flag in a wind storm}

I'm guessing you all are really wanting to know who it is that keeps whistling at me....Right?

I must tell you that {he} is one handsome dude......

I finally figured out that the neighbors across the street {who I do not know}.......have a Parrot!!!  They keep this Parrot out in the Garage and I guess he sees me watering each morning.

My secret admirer is a Parrot.......!!!!

He whistles at me every morning..

How cute is that?

Fun, fun...



Melinda said...

Way too funny!

Just an FYI-I had a hard time finding
your comments tab in the black box.
I don't know if others are having the same issue.

M : )

Ginny said...

That is totally cool! An admirer of the good kind! Maybe you should bring him a cracker! He is a pretty boy!!

Shug said...

Thanks Malinda....maybe I have it fixed.......Please let me know if it is not fixed....

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That is hilarious!
We had a family Parrot (family, because she was passed around the family over the years before she finally died)
But when my uncle brought her back from Mexico-- she would do the same thing.
Whistle at the neighbor lady across the alley! Her husband finally came over and confronted my uncle about 'the whistling' and 'does your wife know what you're up to while shes away working during the day?!'
He finally was able to cool the man down and explain it all and well, he tried to get the bird to whistle. Eventually, the man was convinced.
That same bird in later years, resulted in having a concerned neighbor bring the police to my Granny's door-- accusing her of leaving a crying baby alone in the house! ... cheeky little birds!

bj said...

Hey, Shug...this is a darling story. Reminds me of one time when my husband went into a motel office to rent a room for us. no one was there but he kept hearing, "Do you have an aspirin...I have a headache" but when hubby said hello,hello, no answer. He came out to the car, said there was someone in there with a headache and he guessed they were too sick to help him with a room. We were about to drive away when a lady opened the door and yelled at us. Hubs went back inside and found out it was her Myna Bird that "had the headache...." hahhaa...that was over 40 years ago and we still laugh about it.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Cute story. Enjoy those daily whistles.

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