Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, August 1, 2014

My New Ride......

Who can guess what this is?   Isn't she lovely?   Pink and yellow with pink roses.......just my style!!

Please notice the long stemmed rose on the rail.......

Nice big comfy seat!!!!  With Roses!!

My New bike.......well, it's not exactly brand new, but it's new to me.    After we returned from vacationing in Florida.....Sam got online and started shopping for bikes.

I so enjoyed riding the bike that the girls rented while we were at the beach, so I quickly found myself having an itch for a bike....... Not just any bike..    I wanted a PRETTY bike.

A couple of Saturday's ago, Sam saw this bike listed on Craig's List.    He made the call to the lady and within 30 minutes, this bike was in the back of my SUV......headed home with me.

I am now the proud owner of this beauty.   

Riding it has been so much fun.   You know, riding a bike is something that once you learn how to do never lose the talent.   

Our little town has one parade each year, and it is always  in October.   I can so see myself.....with my the parade, this coming October.  

I'll have the kick stand down and me and the bike will be riding, on the trailer......  Sam can use his John Deere Gator to pull the trailer, the bike, and me!!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing pictures of my new ride!!



Barb said...

Hi Shug~

I love it! What a great way to stay active and stylish at the same time... ;0) You will look awesome in the parade!


Betsy Adams said...

Love it, Shug... I thought at first that that was SAM'S new bicycle... Don't you think he'd look adorable on that fancy bike?????? ha ha ha

It's GREAT exercise --so I am expecting you to ride it A LOT --and that will help you get healthier.... YEAH!

Happy August.

Pam said...

Too funny with the way you'll be joining the parade! The bike's adorable and you will be the highlight of the parade for sure. Great colors and that's one pretty rose on the rail. Have a good weekend!

Ginny said...

It is THE prettiest bike I have EVER seen!!!! I want to See YOU and the BIKE in the parade!!!!

Lea said...

Well, I agree, if you are going to have a bike, it might as well be cute!! And, you will be cute too on it during the parade.

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Now there is a very pretty and colorful bike! I don't know if I could ride again, but it would be fun. Enjoy those new wheels!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That bike has your name all over it. I love it and could almost see myself riding one like it.

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous bike! Lucky you!!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh MY!
this is just adorable. I love it. I love the yellow and I love the pink roses...and the whole idea of the parade sounds fun!

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