Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, August 1, 2014

Free Stuff......

I'm am so excited about this!!  What a wonderful way to reach out to our community and to help others.   At this health fair, kids...... kindergarten through the 12th grade, can receive FREE eye exams, hearing test, dental checks, hair cuts, socks, backpacks filled with school supplies, and a free meal. 

We have 500 backpacks, filled and ready to be given out.  I can't wait to see the smiles on so many of the children's faces as they are given these wonderful gifts.  

A lot of hard work has gone into the planning of this event,  and a lot of people have made monetary sacrifices in order to supply these free gifts......

But........I must say, this is really the easy part.

It's so easy to get out there and to tell people about free items being given away.....and when it comes to free stuff, the news travels fast.'s more difficult to spread the news of God's FREE love, than what it is to spread the news of free worldly things.  

We are hoping that through this Health Fair......that each of us will be able to share with those who attend, The love of Jesus Christ.    Spiritual Food and Prayer are always FREE!!  We only need to be willing to spread the news!!

Hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend!!

Shug ~  


Ginny said...

This is awesome!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Shug, you spread the Good News everywhere you go... blessings ~ tanna

Ginny said...

So is this a church project? So different from the usual, and really cool!! Will you keep count and let us know how many came? How long will it last? The garden in front of the General Store, so lovely.

Gail Dixon said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I do hope you get to share God's love with everyone and that they come to know Christ personally.

Melinda said...

I bet it was a HUGE success!

M :)

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