Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Amazing....... the smell of our home.....especially after being gone for 10 days!  

Before we left on vacation, I made sure that all dishes were clean, the trash was emptied, the toilets were flushed, beds were made and the gardenia scents were out.   All of this sure makes it great when you open the door for the first time, after being gone.

I am so thankful for safe travels for each of our (3) vehicles. 

 Our trip yesterday was a bit nervy!  As we were traveling through Baton Rouge, Louisiana.....a police officer passed us on Interstate 12 ....when suddenly a car pulled out in front of the officer's car.   With the officer having to throw on his brakes so quickly, this sent his vehicle into a spin that seemed to never stop. He hit the wall several times and this really caused a whole lot of damage to the officer's car, plus a blowout on his tires.

His car was about a 100 yards in front of our suburban and we watched in panic as this well trained officer worked to keep his car upright.   We pulled over to help, as I could see that he hit his head on a part of the vehicle as he was spinning.   We immediately called 911.  Thankfully, no other cars were involved in this accident.   BTW.....the car that pulled out in front of the officer kept going...evidently they had no clue what had happened!!

YOU KNOW...... it is wonderful to be able to get away for a few days......In doing so, it refreshes the body and soul.    

I'll post photos tomorrow!! 

Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend....



Mary Callan said...

What a lovely picture of you all on the top of your blog - can't wait to see some more of your vacation - welcome home!

Anonymous said...

that was scary witnessing that, oh my gosh,

on a happier note ,, that header photo is amazing, the poses ,, the colors , truly amazing!

I'm glad you had such a great time, and came home to a sweet smelling house!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love it when you walk into your home after being gone and it smells so wonderful!
It makes for a pleasant home coming.
Love the picture of y'all at the top! so cute!!!
glad the officer wasn't hurt to badly and y'all were able to lend a hand.

Ginny said...

Welcome back!!Gosh, that other car could have caused serious damage to car and policeman! I usually say...where are the police when you need them? But he WAS the police. This picture is just amazing! WHO thought of the poses? It is fantastic!!!

Gail Dixon said...

Well that explains why traffic was such a nightmare as I got onto the interstate yesterday. Thank you for being there for that officer. Wow, what a nightmarish scene that played out in front of y'all. So glad that you were safe and unscathed.

LOVE the new header photo of your family. The colors, poses and beach scene are simply awesome!

Betsy Adams said...

HI, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We certainly did! We did have one crazy thing to happen... We have NEVER had to put up our Hummingbird Feeders at nights. BUT--this morning we saw the one in our front yard on the ground! Wooo--wonder what got into that one?????? Our fun with critters never ends! ha

Welcome home.. Sounds like you all had a marvelous time in FL. Love your header.... Who took that photo???? Someone did a great job.

Scary about the 'near car accident'... Makes our lives go by quickly thinking of what could have been, doesn't it?


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