Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Crown and a Cough

I'm pretty positive that no one enjoys hearing someone cough....
                 like.......All Day Long!!

If this is the case, then they best not visit ME!!   


.................................Oh yes it is!!!

Here's the thing....when I went to bed last night, I took PLENTY of  NyQuil.   Normally, this stuff works....but I guess I accidentally grabbed a bottle off of the store shelf, that may have been mixed as half water and half medicine.   This stuff did not work!!!!!   Where was the WHISKEY?  (I don't drink but I've always heard that whiskey helps when you have a cough)

during the late night hours, I got up and decided to take a tad bit more of the NyQuil.   This is when it must have turned into the real stuff.   I finally fell asleep and when I woke up......EVERYONE in the house was gone!

Off to to work....

I felt really guilty for sleeping in!!

Oh well....I had relief from this bad cough for a short time.  

Other news:  I have decorating fever!!  I'm ready to pick up
      on some projects that have been sitting around for several months now...  like since about June!!

Isn't this adorable?    I found it at LaurieAnna's in Canton Texas.....

and these too!!!   

Can you imagine all of the Tablescapes that could be put together using these gorgeous plates?

Isn't this great??   I had to have one!  

can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with it!  
(watch for the post)

You can also watch for post about these things....

1.  The ladder and burlap project that will soon be 

2.  An up-dated entrance way with a gorgeous piece of 
old furniture that is being re-done.

3.  A new bathroom makeover!!

4.  Living with New Colors!!  woo hoo!!

and later:

5.  Bedroom/turned into TV room!


NyQuil or Whiskey?   This is the question?

Guess it will be NyQuil, AGAIN!

hugs to each of ya!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With all those projects you have planned,you had better get some good sleep. NyQuil usually knocks me out cold,so I try not to take it.Hope you can sleep through the night today.

Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart.. I hate it when I get one of those coughs.... It becomes a 'mental' thing at nights ---with the coughing getting worse.. I'm so sorry. Hope the NyQuil helps tonight. There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep at nights....

You are the decorating queen.... I would much rather be computering or hiking or digging in the dirt than to decorate... Just not my thing!


Michelle said...

Whiskey/honey/lemon mixture really does the trick. I can't take Nyquil.

Ann said...

Loving the burlap, my favorite decorating fabric. Those dishes are gorgeous too. I made a hot toddy a few months ago and it REALLY worked.

Gail Dixon said...

Sometimes Nyquil keeps me awake, other times it knocks me out. I think Michelle's concoction works best. Hope you feel better soon. Lots of projects for us to look forward to. :)

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