Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Oh WOW......My brother and I have been busy ALL week.....trying to take care of our dad.  Both of us have spent many hours this week, trying to get some answers for the cause of dad's frequent "Panic Attacks.", we met with a New Doctor who has given us Hope for some relief for our dad.  This Doctor is a Neurologist and he is very knowledgeable about this kind of behavior in Alzheimer's patients.

For one thing, I was very impressed with the amount of time that this particular doctor spent with us today.  I would estimate that he spent close to an hour with us....going over every detail that was written up in dad's chart.

Immediately, the doctor eliminated some of the meds that dad has been taking....He did prescribe
a couple of new medications, but both of these have been very successful in helping patients with
extreme anxieties.

All day long, I've been singing......


We are keeping our fingers crossed, that dad will get some much needed relief with the help of these
new meds that the doctor has prescribed.

My thanks to each of you for your prayers.....



  1. My mom did not have AD but she did have dementia and the panic attacks were tough. She remembered just enough to be panicked.

  2. Oh Shug...You have your hands and heart full right now.
    Praying for some answers for everyone.
    I now "Sundowners" is a real problem with patients...evening comes and they get very anxious.
    Asking for answers for you, Love, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings..

  3. So glad to hear there are some answers. My mother had panic attacks with her Parkinson's disease. She took Xanax three times a day and it helped. One thing we learned was not to make too many changes at once because if there was a problem, then it was difficult to pinpoint which change caused it. We made changes to medication, etc. one at a time. Just FYI. Praise God for His faithfulness. Keep us posted!

  4. Prayers for your Dad. Anxiety is so very stressful. I hope he finds the relief he needs.

  5. I do hope that this will be a turn for the better for your Dad,and ultimately for you as well.

  6. Oh, so hoping this will bring relief to your sweet Dad and to you and your brother. What a tough journey!


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