Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pounds or Wrinkles

What's on my mind today?....Can any of you guess?   Decisions, decisions....don't you just love it when your brain has decisions to make?

I'll let you in on a little secret....for a few more years, I am still going to claim to be ONLY 
(49) years old.....(Nope, it's not my birthday today)  but if those creepy, crawly, wrinkles, keep on sneaking up on me during the night, I just might have to move my age on up to 49 and three quarters.  



wrinkles do not hide one's age very well...

As always, I've been considering a weight loss program and this is where the decision making comes in to play....Do I seriously want to trade my chubby, (You look so HEALTHY) look, ...  in on a few new wrinkles?  Or would I be better off keeping these extra pounds,  keeping the plump skin, and  continue giving those wrinkle bugs a work out?

You all know exactly what I'm talking about....Take for instance, a balloon filled with helium.   Once the helium starts to deflate out of the balloon, all you have is a limp piece of rubber latex that nobody wants.....And it is all wrinkled up to boot...

I have to keep telling myself:  "Hey sister, ....there is HOPE out there....Maybe just maybe, you can have both....
A skinny body and, and, and,....a wrinkle free face!"

Wouldn't this be a grandmothers dream?

Just think about it......God granted Sarah the desires of her heart....She was ninety when God answered her prayers...Sarah gave birth to her son Isaac......(She was one tough woman)

 A miracle!!  God is in the miracle working business and He is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask of or imagine, according to the power that works within us.
                                    ~ ~ ~

Let me think about it.....What decision do I really need to make here?  I guess I had better go for the weight loss and just hope I can find a new kind of wrinkle cream that is smear resistant when it comes to eye make up.....ha!

Smeared eye make is definitely a NO NO!

Pounds or Wrinkles...which will it be??


I'm just kidding around today....There is truth in this post though....God is still in the miracle working business!!  Do you need a miracle today?  Ask God......He did it for Sarah and He longs to do it for you!

~ ~ ~ ~ 
                     Enjoy the Blessings of this day!!


Mary said...

I have to laugh. The balloon analogy will stay with me all day. I hope you have a great day.Blessings...Mary

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Great post. I have to lose a few pounds and since I already have a ton of wrinkles, I will just add to them. That's ok, on the inside I am really skinny and my skin is smooth as silk. lol Hugs, Marty

Katharine said...

In another couple of months I will turn 50... I'm in the process of losing some weight and I'm told that if I keep exercising, hydrating, and using a good moisturizer, I'll keep wrinkles at a minimum...(here's hoping for a miracle)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good thoughts. Yes, God does work miracles. I don't have any wrinkles,hmmm,I wonder why? Could it be the pounds? LOL

Ginny said...

You are so right about being plump and wrinkle free, the fat just smooths out all the wrinkles. I know this better than anyone!! I just gained another 20 pounds from being on steroids for almost two months.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

It's a shame we can't direct where the pounds come off. Shucks! Just embrace it and go forth! :o) Blessings!

Anonymous said...


I hear you, sister! I am hoping there is a happy medium somewhere. I am erring more on the plump side.


Barb said...

Hi Shug!

You are so funny! I think you are beautiful - 49 FOREVER!! I just tell people that I deserved, and worked very hard for every wrinkle! But you know, it's true, when you lose weight, more wrinkles. One of our locale news ladies just lost lots of weight and wow...does she ever look older! She's still very pretty, but you can see her wrinkles more. I've often thought about Sarah and wondered how she did it!!


Debbie said...

The first place I notice the weight loss wrinkles is around the throat. I love the deflated balloon imagery. You nailed the look perfectly.

I'm just going to go for the wrinkles. Everybody gets them eventually, right?

Karin said...

Just love when the grands pick up the extra skin on my hands and play with it! I am honestly so T-I-R-E-D of all this focus on the physical. Now, hubby and me having cancer, I just want to be healthy and don't care what we look like. So good to hear yesterday at the doctor's "You're looking great and you may not need the Tamoxifen. We'll check again next week." Woohooo!! No make up, no earrings, chubby here and there, with join arthritis and pain and the doc says I look great! So thankful!

Chatty Crone said...

Loss weight and have plastic surgery! Sandie

Sierra Whittington said...

No matter how daunting it is to accept, no one is exempt from having wrinkles as we age. The question is: how can we slow down the aging process in our bodies? At my age, I learned how to embrace aging, but it doesn’t mean I have put aside my skin care regimen – this includes routine exercise.

Sierra Whittington

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