Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Childhood Memories.......

Yesterday, I found myself having thoughts of Easter's Past.

Precious Memories....I can remember so many wonderful Easter events, of when I was a child..

I can still see my Mom as she would starch and starch the "Can Cans" that my sister and I would wear under our beautiful Easter dresses each year. (For those of you who do know what a "Can Can" is, it's the same as a Petticoat....)

These things have made a huge comeback in the past few years and I love seeing them...Brings sweet, happy smiles to my face.

Another thing I remember was a play that I was in at school....I think I must have been in the first grade, but the memories are just as real as if it were yesterday...
My little group danced to "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail."  What Fun!!  Hey, this was a really BIG thing to a young child..I felt like I was on the Big Stage!

There is no way that I can forget about the Easter Egg Hunt!!  It was what one would call..."THE EASTER EGG HUNT!"

Just so happens that there was this older couple in our neighborhood that was,.... lets just say...WEALTHY.

They loved hosting this huge egg hunt for all the kids that lived in our little horseshoe neighborhood.  Let me tell you, everyone wanted to attend this event.  It was a EGG HUNT CONTEST!  The kid with the most eggs would win a key, and this key was the key to of prizes.

One year, My brother had this huge "SMART" idea that if he and I could somehow combine our eggs, we could win!  Case in Point, we did just that. WE WON! What we did not know was that this prize was not the same as it had been in previous years. As I remember, there was a large marshmallow Easter bunny and a few other large bags of candy goodies.  The kind that all kids dream of.... but instead of all the usual toys....the gift for this particular year, was a "BIG STUFFED RABBIT."  There was not going to be the big you choose some toys and I'll choose some toys, that we both were counting on. 

 Now, which one of us was going to get to claim the rabbit?....Was it David's or was it mine? One large rabbit and two kids!! 

Somehow, on the way home, our mom figured out that we had cheated.....

We ended up having to give the Easter Bunny back, and we both came home with empty Easter Baskets...I'm thankful for a mom that made us do the right thing.

Love....that is what it was...
Mom loved us and even though she was disappointed in our behavior, and even though she made us give up our prize and apologize...We knew that she was teaching us a big life lesson as well as teaching us about love.

Oh yes, I have so many memories and I love them all....

Blessings today..
shug ~


KathyA said...

I can remember shopping every year for that special outfit that included a hat and gloves.
Easter morning in church -- there we'd be -- the girls on the left -- under a sea of pastel straw -- and the boys on the right in their new suits.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This brought some memories of my own. Mom made sure we had new white shoes,socks and gloves to wear at Easter.Usually a new and pretty hat was also in order.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Nothing sweeter than all the little girls at church in their Easter dresses and the boys with their little ties and vests.

Ginny said...

What great Easter memories of your childhood!! I have not heard the term can can, but we used to wear the big netted crinolines, that made our dresses stick WAY out!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I enjoyed this post, you always make me smile,

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I remember can cans! I thought they were pretty, peaking out from under the full skirts. Easter memories...I have so many of them. I always got a new outfit to wear to church on Easter Sunday. My mother made a lot of my clothes, but for Easter I would get a special outfit and the boys would have new clothes too. Fun memories! Have a great day!

Chatty Crone said...

I remember shopping with my mother for my Easter dress and then shopping with my daughter. Good memories. sandie

Michelle said...

Sweet memories. I remember my first pair of pantyhose....worn on Easter. lol

Debbie said...

Love your Easter memories. You sparked some of my own.

My favorite part is the egg hunt story. What a devotional all in one little tale, huh? I'm amazed at God's ability to give you the very prize you "deserved" for your efforts. You shared the eggs so now you would have to share the bunny or fess up!

Sharon at Sharon Sharing God has her "Fan the Flame" question this morning about fairness.

This is the perfect example of how God showed you what is truly "fair" even when you didn't want him to.

Great post!!

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