Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This Little Idiom.....

Hey there....I'm still here!  I try to always post early in the mornings, but today, I was having a small procedure done at the doctor's office at 8:00 A.M.   This procedure required me taking two of those little pills that make you a little loopy, so needless to say.....I have been zonked out!! 

~ ~ ~ ~

I love blogging about life and all of the happiness that surrounds me.  BUT..... whether we like it or not, there are some things in this happy world that we all live in, that are not always positive....

Why did I choose to talk about a negative topic today?  I'm not really sure why, but I just felt prompted to do so.    Many people have anger issues and if I can help one person in any way, then it is worth spending one day speaking about a truth that most of us do not like to hear...

Today's word is ANGER!

Have you ever known a person that seems to always walk around with "Anger" written all over their face? on edge all the time....kinda like they are riding an emotional roller coaster?
When you see them coming you immediately think....OMGoodness....Here comes

Someone whose daily actions seem to speak volumes about what they are really feeling? They walk around with a body language that is quite different from what they might even be able to perceive for themselves.

Most of these people are so accustomed to acting in a somewhat stressed out mood, day in and day out, and therefore they are not able to see the true picture of their personality....They speak with anger and a gruff tone, which makes the people that they are around feel very uncomfortable.  In some cases they do not even realize the hurtful things that they are saying to those they love. 

I have even heard of some cases where people just seem to lose it and they throw, kick or push whatever is in their way. (I'm thinking...."What good does that do, other than to make you look like a Nut)  Perhaps "Nut" is too harsh....I will say...It makes you look like you are out of control!  I am changing that word, because the last thing I want to do is to offend anyone!!

I am certainly not an expert in anger management, but I do feel that perhaps a lot of people who display such actions are either bitter about something in their past, OR they are very displeased with their life at the time.......I often wonder if they ever stop to think about what their behavior is saying to their children, family or friends....AND...what part it will play on the lives of their children in future years to come.

We as humans, fear having to hear things about ourselves that are not very becoming, but I think that when others  try to tell you about an unpleasant character,  then it's time to take a look at what is really going on....Stop and look in the mirror...  REMEMBER:  Our children MIRROR OUR BEHAVIORS!!!!!

Life is too short to walk around with anger and bitterness pulling us down...We have to much to lose! 

An angry man stirs up strife, And a hot-tempered man abounds in transgression
                                                                  Proverbs 29:22

I would say.......Lighten up.....and let this little idiom help you......

"You can catch more flies with HONEY than with VINEGAR"

Here, the honey represents anything pleasant....Vinegar is SOUR and it represents unpleasant things.  We will be more SUCCESSFUL in life when we are sweet and nice to those around us like our kids, family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances or just those that come across our path in any given day.

I think we all need as much PEACE as possible....But, it has to start with US!  We just have to ask ourselves...."What is it that I can do today, what is it that I am willing to do in order to share peace with people around me?"

1.  We can start by greeting people with a smile..
2.  Seek peaceful resolutions if a problem comes your way..
3.  If necessary, take a class on conflict resolutions.
4.  Smile very cheerfully if other people bring you stress and count  to 10 while your are       smiling.
5.  If you have a tendency to lose your temper..... ask God to help.

** Just as a note....I know that everyone goes through bouts of anger....including me....but I'm just saying that it sure helps if we can keep our focus on the Lord and do our best to be Christ like....Being angry does not bring about a Christ like attitude!!

Be happy....Smile!

Shug   ~


Anonymous said...

now thats a great post, I needed that the other day when I wanted to bonk that man that was pushing up against me,, I was angry, scared, but I'm over it.This was a wonderful inspirational post,, thankyou!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Words off wisdom. Thanks. Anger seldom accomplishes much of anything.Such a waste of energy.

Chatty Crone said...

I heard a quote once that anger does more damage to the vessel it is stored in then who it is spilled out on.

I know a person just like this - and I can't help but wonder why- what happened and I am so thankful I am not that way!


Ginny said...

Not only this, but having a bad attitude and being angry causes bad health!!! It literally eats you up!!!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

This is a great reminder! And while I do most of the things you suggested, there is still the rare NUT that can bring out the worst in me. But I always go the nice route first and learned long ago to be nice to the waitress/waiter if I want food without spit in it (or worse!). LOL

I hope the procedure you had done was successful. Praying you have smooth sailing the rest of the day!

Farmchick said...

This is so true. My attitude controls so much.

Gert said...

So true... I try to always 'smile' at those who seem 'not so happy'...

It's a sad world when you're around these kind of people..

xoxo Gert

SweetMarie said...

Amen to your post!

Karin said...

One of our residents was angry and grumpy a few days in a row. One of our volunteers who comes to help porter and visit talked with the resident, "I see you are always grumpy - you seem so angry and never have a kind word for people. Were you born this way, or did you one day decide that this is how you want to be the rest of your life?" The resident was stopped in her tracks and shocked out of her socks. She had no idea she came across this way. She simply burst out laughing - the ice was broken - and the two of them had many conversations since - probably some venting times and commiserating - but because someone cared to confront a change was wrought in this person's heart. Now this might not work on everyone......needless to say. Your post just reminded me of my volunteer!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Anger is just too stressful. You're right, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

xo jj

Debbie said...

This is a wonderful post and it's a subject that I think we can all relate to, whether we encounter the Grumps, live with them, or have a tendency toward anger ourselves.

I tend to lose my temper in the privacy of my own home away from prying eyes, often (usually) when I'm by myself. That doesn't make it any better. It is really NUTTY, you're right, to lose your temper over stupid stuff.

Worse is when I lose it in front of my family. I only have to go back and eat some humble pie in front of them when I do. It's really a colossal waste of time to become an angry ogre, isn't it?

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