Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Singing Myself Happy!

Let's talk about FOOD today......  No, I'm not cooking. {I tried cooking this week, but my hands are just not as well as I thought they were...I can't even open a can of green beans}  What I'm talking about today is a particular food that has left a deep memory embedded in my mind.  Let me tell you about my story of the famous "Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich."

Should I put myself out on a limb and tell you about it?  Will my story cause you to dislike me, or think of me as a mean person?  I sure hope not!  Just consider it a funny.....

My Story is about a simple, little Ol' Peanut Butter and Jelly {Open Faced}

Geez....I love these things!

You see.....I have two wonderful brothers that I absolutely adore.  My brother David is 3 years younger than me, but I refer to him as my older brother!
My younger brother is Joe and he is four years younger than David.

{Little math quiz here:  How much older am I than Joe?}

Well, many years ago when I was maybe 13 and David was 10, we had a very difficult time getting along with one another.  I liked listening to the radio and he liked sitting around watching cartoons!  { Of course, way back then most families had only one television}

On this particular afternoon,  mom had an appointment and we {the kids} were going to stay home and get some of our chores done.  David and I had been fussing most of the afternoon over the radio and the TV.
As quickly as I would turn the radio on, David would turn IT OFF.  AND...just as fast as he woud turn the TV on, I would turn IT OFF..   Back and forth, this must have gone on for over an hour. 

Finally, with no interruptions.....the radio was on and I was singing myself happy,  making myself an OPEN FACED peanut butter and jelly sandwich...
All was well........................Until David decided to touch my radio AGAIN.
Suddenly, the music stopped and the yelling began.  He stepped into the kitchen and yelled something in my face, and that was all it took.  He never even saw it coming, and neither did I.

Out of no where, I took that open faced sandwich that was covered, and I mean covered with PB and J, and the next thing I knew, I was SMEARING my delicious sandwich right into his face.  {Yes, I know this was a mean thing to do}

I wanted to laugh, but I kept a straight face and said something like "How about that" .................Little did I know that standing right beside him was a WET MOP!!

{You already know what is fixing to happen don't you}
WOP......out of no where....came a wet mop slapping me upside the head!

Needless to say....when our parents got home, we were in Big trouble.
Not only did we get a spanking, but we had to hug each other every single day for what seemed to be FOREVER!  I don't think we ever fussed again.  Our relationship today is wonderful... We are very close.

Throughout the years, we have told this story over and over again. We have laughed and our kids have laughed.   What a story!  What a memory! our case, Every time the Peanut Butter and Jelly comes out......We think about this story!

What memories do you have of food and do any of you have stories to tell?

Shug Sez......

I love the old stories of our childhood years!


Ginny said...

This is very funny!! And actually I don't think it was mean because you didn't hurt him. Brothers and sisters have done far worse to each other! I hated bananas as a kid. And one day after school, my mom had baked a cake and had a warm slice with a glass of milk waiting for me. Well, I hated it, but I told her I loved it. Why? Because I didn't want to hurt her feelings, and I didn't want her to stop making cakes! Then she sprung the surprise on me, it was a banana cake!!! From then on she said I really DID like bananas, it was just all in my head. And of course I never COULD convince her that I was lying, she just didn't believe it!

marshas said...

can't think about p,b, and j without thinking of my mom - she mixed the p,b, and j together and put on sandwich for BJ when we were in high school - I don't even like them. Moms do amazing things!!

Loren said...

What a cute story!! I don't think your mean :) My brother and I fought alot and he did far worse than this to me!! But as ornery as he was he loved me even more than that :)

Thanks for sharing your story!!

Happy Thursday

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great story, Shug---and I'm glad you smeared it on his face... Good for you!!!!! ha ha ....

NOW--I do have a question... Why an OPEN FACE sandwich? Do you take one bite of the jelly side and then one bite of the pb side???? Interesting????

My favorite peanut butter sandwich (which I grew up eating and still love) is Peanut Butter, banana and mayo..... YUM...


Barb said...

Hi Shug!

What a funny story!! Thank goodness there was a mop I handy!! I don't think any of us escape the sibling battles. I can't remember any battles we had with food, but I can remember a few that involved butter knifes - yikes~~~


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