Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm A Camera Rookie

Hey Ya'll......what's happening today?

Today, I am camera shopping and it's all your fault....

I can definitely tell that the pictures you all are  posting on your blogs were not taken with a "Throw-a-way Kodak Camera"

So come on.....FESS up and tell me what kind of camera you are using.

There must be a hundred mac-A-million camera's out there, but I need a good one that does it all for you. 

This phone camera.....???

The Kodak Easy old camera.
Just doesn't do it for me....

This is my newest camera, the Sony.  When we bought this camera, my focus was on getting something small enough to tote in my purse.  This one certainly does not accomplish what I was hoping for in quality pictures.

This is Sam's camera.....A great camera if I simply want to document the life and times of my family!  I'm looking for more than this camera is able to offer.  I need a "Face burst rate" .....A camera that will capture sports pictures and subjects that are moving quickly.

I played around with these cameras yesterday afternoon, and this is what I got.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE My license plates!!

Meet "Bella" 

Miss Bella has been playing outside with the kids.....Check out those teeth~

Can you guess what this is.....

See...I do need a new camera.  One that will capture the picture of the "Woodpecker" that is having a good time on our tree.

A beautiful Tulip Tree!

Oh goodness....this is much better!

These two were really posing it up for me.....Trey is the fisherman, and as you can see, Tori is the FISH!

Check out the buds on the tree.....

These pictures are all good, but I'm looking for something with a great Macro Mode! 

I have heard that the Macro lens EF is great....but what kind of camera do you purchase to use with this lens? 

 I am so confused!  I know there are all kinds of camera's out there.....and I'm not looking to purchase a Professional type of camera that cost thousands..   I just want a good camera that takes super great close up pictures and all I need to do is push a button!!

So.....send me some comments!  Let me know what kind of camera you think takes the BEST Pictures....
Hey, I'm counting on you!

Shug Sez......

I..... "Need a little help from my friends!"


Anonymous said...

I see you've been bitten by that photography bug. My first real camera was a Canon EOS T1i. I love love love that camera. I still plan to keep it. I got ANOTHER camera (see where this will lead..) I got a Canon EOS 5D Markll.
I'll be happy to share what I know! Trish

Anonymous said...

It wasn't supposed to be mark LL it was supposed to be a 2

Ginny said...

Shug!!! Don't buy anything till you talk to me, your troubles are OVER!!! Is your e-mail address on your profile valid? Let me know, I want to send you a long e-mail. Mine is on my profile. I recognized those sapsucker holes right away, we had the same thing. You did get some good shots, and your liscence plates are a hoot! Are those your grandchildren? They are beautiful, do they live nearby? And that is your dog??? Too cute!

bj said...

O, Shug, I can't help you at all. I don't know anything about cameras but I sure am wanting a really good one, too. I just know we can't afford one so I just play like I am really happy with my little Kodak point and shoot.
Love your pretty grands and the dog with the cute teeth is adorable.

Farmchick said...

I used a Canon Rebel for a couple of years and then invested in a Canon 50D. Neither are "point and shoot" types, but take great pics.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Shug, I LOVE my Canon Rebel xsi... It has a setting where you can take 'sports' pictures--fast, one right after the other... It does everything I want it to do --and you can get macro lens and long lenses for it... I absolutely LOVE it.


Mari said...

Hi Shug - thanks for stopping at my photo blog. I liked the pictures you took here - cute grandkids!
I have a Kodak that is my "good" camera. However, I find myself usually using my small Canon. I carry it in my purse because most things I take pictures of are not things I can plan for, so I just like to have the camera with me. Good luck on your quest!

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