Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And....We're Walking....

Today is a very special day.....Our oldest grandson is 15 today!!
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Did you know that "Walking" is the simplest way to improve your fitness level? 

We have been walking at the High School track for over a month now...of course, the weather has slowed us down somewhat....But, I must say that the time we have spent walking around and around has made me feel much better......I seem to have more energy!

There are so many advantages to walking and it really is something that almost all of us are able to do.....I definitely believe that it reduces stress and anxiety and from what I have read, new studies are showing that regular walking  is also good for the brain and it can actually slow down the onset of Alzheimer's....

I have lost seven pounds and I have kept it off, but I need to see the numbers on the scales move further down!  way, way down....!  In other words, I haven't gone out and bought myself any of those cute little Nike' atheletic shorts and tops yet.....Found a real cute purple and lime green outfit the other day, but I don't want to look like a plumped up grape, so I better just concentrate on shedding a few more pounds before I try dressing in style!

Aside from being able to lose weight while walking, it really does feel great to get out there and enjoy the outdoors.  Spending time outdoors seems to boost my mental attitude and it's great to enjoy the company of our friends that are walking with us....

There truly are so many benefits when sticking with a walking plan. Did you know that you can boost your bone density and stave off osteoporasis, just from walking?

I do want to live a long life, so perhaps I had better get to walking....think I'll go for 3 miles today!!

And we're WALKING!!


Farmchick said...

Glad to hear you are walking. It really does help the body, and the mind, to get out and exercise!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats Shug.... I need to start walking more again.. I quit when I had my knee surgery and haven't gotten back to it... I used to do it every single day... SO--you are inspiring me to get out there and WALK. BUT--I can't begin this weekend since we have lots and lots of rain.

Congrats on the weight loss.. At our ages, any loss is good. Right????? I have a granddaughter who turns 14 tomorrow...

Happy Birthday to Tyler.

Ginny said...

Good for you!! Gosh, did you continue to walk even during the winter? That is hard, but spring and fall are the best times to walk!!! I used to vary my route and take my camers, snap interesting things I saw on the walk, new flowers, squirrels, kids splashing in puddles...

Kimmie said...

It has been so hot, humid and wet with the rain/floods I have missed walking sigh!

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

I think it's great that you are walking! The weather here is wayyyyy tooooo cold for me to walk, but I do need to start using my elliptical machine again! I lost 50 pounds last summer and have gained 17 of it back! I really must start exercising!! Thanks for the boost!


gbearden125 said...

Ben & I have been at the state tournament since Wednesday and have been walking from our hotel to the drum. It's not very far, but far enough that I knew to start walking at home before we came. Around the track is great, but walking up the CR across from my house a couple of times a day really got me almost ready for this!! Our walking here is up and down, with it seems most up!! Homeward bound in the morning so I'll probably get lazy again....maybe not....hahahaha

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