Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Think It's Alright To Blame A Friend?

Shoes....The Sweet Comfort of Life!

The Perfect design if I say so myself.....Need a pair of shoes?  Let me design them for you! 
Just kidding....ha...ha!

I have a strong passion for shoes.....Not just any shoe, but good, comfortable shoes.  Let me tell you though, it hasn't always been this way.  Many years ago, I didn't give a hoot about shoes.  If what I put on was comfortable, then I was were not my interest!

And then it happened!  I have a friend that is totally a shoe freak...    It got to where every time I was around her, she was looking at my feet or making comments about my shoes....The poor thing, she would even give me a big compliment on shoes that needed to be thrown in the dumpster.  AND...You know what happens when someone pays you a compliment in front of other women don't you?  They all look down at YOUR feet.  Yikes!

I decided that perhaps I did need to do something about my collection of shoes....I started shopping for shoes, and I haven't stopped yet....YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT TO BLAME A FRIEND HERE?

It's not as if shoes have become an all-consuming obsession for me, but I will admit that I really do like them....  I do have a lot of shoes, but I do not own one single pair of Prada's! Can you believe that? I  prefer well-made shoes and I usually stick with certain brand's, like Ecco, Dansko, or Joesph Seibel.  These shoes are made for walking....and they don't hurt my feet!.....A big bonus is that they make me look 5'6 or 5'7 and you know I love that.

I kinda look at shoes as being a piece of ART....There is a certain kind of beauty in each shoe and this is what attracts us to them.   I don't know,  maybe I should have been the President of some  of shoe company...    What?  You don't like the pair I designed above?  I thought they were pretty cute!

Shug Sez.....

Perhaps the LOVE for SHOES begins when a girl first reads "Cinderella."  Who wouldn't want to try own the glass slipper?    Oh, and by the way.....That Friend of mine:   STILL LOOKS AT MY FEET!   I just have to give a big chuckle about that.

Here is some interesting information about your feet and shoes..

1.  It is always best to buy shoes in the evening....This is when your feet are the biggest!  Never
     buy shoes early in the morning....

2. Try not to wear the same shoes too many days in a row. Ideally, you should change them every day to keep them from losing shape too soon.

3. After an evening of walking on high heels, massage the soles of your feet with a tennis ball.

4. Whatever kind of shoes you wear and whatever the shape of your feet, accept and love them, pampering them with great care and pedicures. Your feet are the pedestal that supports your soul.

An Old tale:

Apparently in years gone by, it was customary (on Halloween night) to take your shoe by the tip and throw it over your house. (Must have been very tiny houses at the time) Then, you were to check the direction the toe was pointing and that was the direction of your fortune. Now for the bad part. If the shoe landed sole up, it was good to rethink your path.  You would find bad luck waiting at the end of the road........... if you followed that path.


gbearden125 said...

My daughter-in-law Linda would LOVE the shoes you designed.....for real!

Trish said...

Your friend sounds just like one of my friends that I shop with. She of course is more stylish than I am, and she always complements me. I'm just hoping I'll be able to wear my old shoes on my right foot. I've heard people talk about difficulty after having surgery like mine. :-/

p.s. I love your design too.

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