Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, January 10, 2011

Where Is Your Joy?

Oh My....What would life be like without Joy?

I can only speak for myself, but it is wonderful to wake up each morning thinking about the JOY that is going to fill my new day.

We are to be joyful in ALL things! 

The past couple of days I have felt an exceeding amount of joy......Why?  Well, let me take one moment to share with you the  precious spirit of a wonderful weekend!

First of all, I was thrilled to have a date with Sam on Friday evening......
Saturday morning I went to the gym and watched Trey play basketball...He is just a little sweetheart and wants to do everything to perfection.  I loved every moment of his action filled ballgame....

I had lunch with my sweetheart and then he and I hit the woods....We were out there checking out the deer stands and having a great time being outdoors.   It seemed like we walked forever and forever again!  You won't believe what we saw....Just below Tucker's stand, there were 8 doe's and 1 large buck.  Of course they took off running through the woods when they saw us....Wow, this was excitement!

I love walking through the woods.  It brings me a lot of joy to see the beauty of nature that God has created.  Just listening to the leaves cracking as we take each step is a true delight to my ears.  And, I love to see how each tree takes on a shape like no other. 

Later in the evening, Sam and I went back to the gym to watch Carson play ball....Carson has a lot of determination  and what ever sport he is playing, he is playing it with all his might....Great Game Big Boy!

Our oldest grandson Tyler played a little High School basketball this weekend.  He scored 17 points and two of the baskets were 3 pointers.....Whew Hoo!  So Proud of you Tyler!

Of course, I had to watch Sam coach his little team. ....  And, by the way.....His record is now 1 and 0.  WE WON!  yay.

Another amazing and super joyful thing about this weekend is the fact that Tucker had an awesome Blessing.  He was one of two kids (from our area) that was asked to attend a Christian weekend HUNT and Tucker killed his very first Deer.  Not only did he shoot a deer, but he came home with a hog as well.....
This is an organization that not only spends time teaching kids about being outdoors and about hunting, but it is also a ministry that teaches these young kids about the Lord.
Who would ever have thought three years ago, that Tucker would be outdoors hunting today?  What A Blessing from the Lord...
This brought JOY to all of us.....

On Sunday, we went to church and then it SNOWED!! 

Here are just a few more things that bring me Joy....

Shug Sez.....

Choose Joy!!

1 comment:

Country Dreaming said...

Everyone experiences JOY in different ways.
Mine today was a SNOW DAY! It always make me feel like a kid again to know I don't have to go to school on these days!

Happy tuesday.


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock