Monday, January 24, 2011

Note To Self....

Good Morning Yall......

Well, as you can see....I have made a note to myself.

The very thing that I have been trying to avoid is about to happen.
These sweet little hands of mine have got to be fixed.

I do have....."Carpal Tunnel" in both hands.

I have been trying to put this off for over a year now.  I actually was scheduled to have the surgery done, way back in May.....BUT....
I cancelled it.

Sam and I both visited with the Doctor this past Wednesday, and the decision was made.  So....On January 31st (which is Mylee Jo's Birthday) I will have them fixed.

I know the surgery will not be bad, but it is the pain afterwards that I am not wanting to think about.  I am having both hands done at the same please say a prayer for my sweet husband, Sam.

He will be in charge of all the meals.....including early morning breakfast for all the kids!  Wow, what if they decide his cooking is better than mine? 

Shug Sez.....

No need to worry...My Blog will be posted every day..
If words are mis-spelled, or things don't exactly look right, blame it on Sam.  I have hired him to be my assistant....


  1. Gosh, this will probably create some funny stories to tell....I feel like Sam will probably do some posting for you on his own and tell all sorts of things on you. Hope all goes well with you and hope the recuperation time will go really fast! At least you will have Mylee to help you during the day....might need to find her a nurse uniform. God Bless.

  2. Oh dear, Praying for a speedy recovery...
    Did you figure out the falling snow gadget?

  3. No need for breakfast. I think the kids will survive without your yummy hot cookin in the mornings. Your hair girl will be available at your request.

  4. Just checking... This is Shanda. I wrote the comment that is above but for some crazy reason it says it is from Shug. Who knows?????

  5. Ok, it worked. I am back on my own profile instead of yours mom.

  6. I will be saying prayers for you and your hands (and Sam!:) on the 31st and there after! :)


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