Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Around and Around we Go....

Around and Around we go........

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light....
                              Helen Keller

The rule of friendship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other.
                                                                                                             Marcus Tullius Cicero

Want to find muscles that you didn't know you still had?
I can tell you how to do it...............................

Last night, Sam and I gathered with our wonderful friends at the track field and started what we call "Walking for a Friend."   We all can find time to walk, but for most of us, walking alone is not enough to keep us motivated.

We decided that at our age, it would be in our best interest to become active walkers in order to get our bodies in shape. {Maybe I should say.....attempt to Get our bodies in SHAPE!}

Walking together makes it easier and the way we look at it is that we are all helping each other to get healthy.  The benefits of walking are so great.  It is sad that it has taken me this long to get serious about improving my health, and if I can help our friends get serious about their health, then I am thrilled to go walk. 

Walking with friends is advantageous to our overall well being.  Not only is it good for combating depression, High Blood Pressure, Heart related illnesses, and burning fat, it can help us gain inner strength through the encouragement of one another. 

It is our goal to walk until every single one of us GET HEALTHY....and, it won't stop there.  If walking even one single lap around the track can save a friends life, then we have accomplished great things. 

I would encourage all of you to "Walk For A Friend." 

So get out there....find those hidden muscles.....go around and around.....Improve your health and the health of those you care about!

Shug Sez........

Oh....my aching body!  I think I need the heating pad!


  1. You and I have been thinking alike, although you've beaten me to the track! I've been talking to hubby about the need to get more exercise to hopefully stay healthier. As soon as we get rid of some of this snow and the weather is a bit warmer...I just can't do the cold weather walking, big chicken that I am! Take care.

  2. This is great! But I'm with Cheryl-when it's a bit warmer and less wind.


  3. I am soooo proud of y'all. You might feel yuck today in those little hips of yours but just think about tomorrow. You'll feel like a new woman.


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