Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I feel.......

Come on In.....I'll put the kettle on! 
Let me pull you up a chair so you can sit a spell.

Sounds like I've been visiting the hillbilly kinfolk doesn't it?

Maybe this is just a sign of how backwoods I must be.
There are some days when I think...."Wow, I'm getting pretty good with all this computer stuff" and then I have those days when I think "Wow, I need to give this stuff up while I'm ahead."

I'm certainly not the greatest when it comes to technology, but I am learning.  Let's see....I do have a computer, I have an Ipod, I have a DROID phone (that I can barely understand) and oh,oh, oh,....I have digital scales, a digital fan and a digital coffee pot.....

Now....let me ask, Could I be the only person in this new  year of 2011  that does not own a Laptop Computer?  It certainly seems that way!  We live in a world that is so technology savvy, and not having a laptop or a Ipad these days is almost insane.... (It's kinda like not having an indoor toilet 40 or so years ago).....

  There is so much that I need to do, and it is very difficult to find the time to sit at a computer desk.  I have to steal a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  A lot of times I totally forget about a thought that I had just a few hours earlier.  No mind comes up with some very unique topics and ideas, but it is always when I am away from the computer...(Maybe I need to buy myself a recording device)

It is sometimes  difficult to work while your family is in another room enjoying the TV.  I get this guilty feeling when I have to spend family time (at the other end of the house) using the desktop computer. 

Does it sound like I'm complaining here?  I hope not....I'm just simply saying that it's time for me to break down and buy a laptop. I need to get more involved in this fast paced world.   It could make my life so much easier!

I guess I should have bought one of those lottery tickets last night.  I hear it carries a pretty big purse....
Let me see....If I had won, I would have bought myself a laptop and that new camera and lens that I have been wanting!!  I'd give the rest of it away.....ha,ha!

For now I guess I can use a note pad and a pen!
They both seemed to have worked pretty well for a lot of years!!

Shug Sez.....

Ya'll come back now........


marshas said...

I splurged and got a notebook the day after Thanksgiving and love it - you need to take the plunge.I'm behind you in knowing all the technology stuff, but maybe I'll catch up some day. Have a good one!!

gbearden125 said...

I love the laptop I got Ben for his birthday...Ha. He hardly ever gets on it. I did get him a Nook for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. Carla got me an IPhone for my retirement gift and I do know how to talk on it....oh & play games!

Mary Margaret Scott said...

We don't have a laptop computer either! We just aren't in the position that we can spend money on something like that, but sometimes I wish that our old computer would crash so we would feel more pressured to take the plunge! :)

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