Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hmmmm. is exactly what I have to say....

Hmmmmm  is exactly what I have to say. 

I am thinking that it would be easier to go back to the old pencil and notebook days!

Seriously.....I have spent the past two days trying to figure out how to change my computer to run on Wi-Fi

I went to Verizon and the sales guy there made it sound so simple......Sure, simple as in simple to get a headache!

(This is all you need......that is what they all say)  And what happens when you get home?  Nothing works.  I called the technical support number.....Mr. Peter was as nice as could be, but evidently....he had not read through his manuscript book well enough. 

I then figure out for myself what I have to have to make it all work.  I sent Sam to "Best Buy" to pick up what I needed.  Short time later, the phone rings.   It is Sam on the other end....."Hey, the guy here says your computer is compatible and you do not need a USB adapter."  Well, guess what?  I second guess myself and tell Sam just to come on home.

I call the support team again and this time I get to speak to Jon.....Mr. Jon knows exactly what is going on (and I don't even think he had to look at the manuscipt booklet) so he immediatley tells me that I have to have a USB port to hook up the WiFi.....

Sam and I go back to town, purchase what I need, come back home and install the device.  I find that the thing is still not working.  I call the support number and I get someone that can not understand me and I cannot understand her........I just kept saying "I need an English speaking person."    Was I getting anywhere?  No.....

I think that Miss Whateverhernamewas told me that I would have to call the phone company....I'm like what?? What does the phone company have to do with this?

I decided to call Verizon and this very nice woman that speaks GOOD ENGLISH had the problem solved in less than 20 seconds........

Really......Does it take all the mumble jumble stuff to get a simple device hooked up?

Shug Sez......

Pencil and a notepad sound pretty good right now....



  1. lol...sorry for the craziness! At least now you can type anywhere in the house! Hope your day is great and stress free!

  2. You should probably have had Tori or Mylee hook it up....they could have done it!

  3. You are absolutely right Glenda....What is it with us older folks and all this new technology?


  4. This is the life of being depenedent on these little machines.
    I'm with you but I have a computer guru to help me out.

    Happy Friday.



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