Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashy Living

Waking Up Is Hard To Do......  Our bed is just too comfortable and I love sleeping in when it's cold outside and the covers are warm.

With the Holidays all behind us now, I have noticed that a lot of the stores in the Mall are having some pretty good sales.   Most of the racks are full of flashy clothing, you know the kind you wear when you are going to a party.

I have noticed that the Spring fashions are now arriving and they to have a lot of glitzy stones every where.  I'm thinking the Flashy stuff is here to stay! 

Everybody wants the bling!  Seems the more shine, the better it sells......Of course, you know....... I am a fan of glitter! 

Here is my New Cap.....I think it is the cutest thing ever!

Can you dig my Hair Accessories?  A few years ago, I would have never worn such a thing and now....I want to wear them all the time.  You should see me during the day when I'm cleaning the toliets or ironing clothes. ... ~ You bet I wear my girly stuff!! ~

Check out my red cap that matches my Little Red Bug.....
This is the one I wear when the top is down!
(Let me make myself clear...The convertible top on my car) Whew!


A Sweet Favorite....

And every girl needs a little PINK ~

Yep, I think the shimmer and shine will be around for a while....

And that makes me.....

As happy as a Turtle on a conveyor belt!

Shug Sez......
Happy Day Ya'll!


  1. Good Mornin', Shug! I know what you mean about not wanting to leave a cozy bed, but I was awake off and on from about 4 am. Hate when I can't sleep! So I finally just got up and turned on the 'puter.

    That's a great looking cap you have. I love all the new jewelry they have out now. There was a period of time when I hardly wore jewelry except for my gold hoop earrings and a simple necklace and of course my rings. But there are so many neat looking things on the market now. It's fun to shop!

    Have a great day!

  2. I love to go to moms jewelry box every morning before school to see what accessory she has that will brighten my outfit. Sometimes she the perfect necklace or earrings and sometimes the perfect headband or scarf. But one thing is for sure, I always get compliments on her goodies.

  3. Bling is good. It has a way to brighten the day.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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