Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Step On It....It Makes You Cry!

~So....Yesterday I went to see the HEART doctor.  Something I look forward to every year.  I try to schedule the earliest appointment available for the day.  The reason why has a lot to do with my mental reasoning.  If it's a good visit, then I can feel totally stress free for the rest of the day! ~

~ Thank goodness my heart has no patches and it is not broken or torn. ~

~ Let me take just one moment to describe my Cardiologist.....Gee, I think I'm lost for words here. ~ 

 Let me just say, he has a somewhat crazy character and probably weighs at lest 265 pounds....How tall is he you ask?  I would say around 6 feet.  Not what you would consider to be your typical Cardiologist.  Not skinny and Fit!  He did tell me that he got a new treadmill for Christmas.....Does he use it?  Not quite sure about that...~

~ Dr.C speaks in a totally different language from what I am used to.  Ever now and then, he might even use one of those words that I rarely here!!  like a BOMB ~  He is straight forward and he can answer any question before I can even get it out of my mouth....~

I try to always keep this appointment up to date, especially since there is  a lot of heart disease in my family....
My nephew died at the age of 28 from a thrombosis to his heart.  My brother has had bypass surgery and My dad had encountered four (4) different bypass surgeries. 

~ OK....Back to ME! ~

~ Here are the orders that Dr. C gave to me.....Have another stress echo test to see if there have been any changes since my last one.  (I did have some blockage but nothing to be alarmed about two years ago) ~

~ My Favorite Advise:  ......LOSE WEIGHT

                                        and  EXERCISE! ~     

~ Dr. C was not impressed when I told him that I have been on a diet all week and that I have been doing ZUMBA...Can you believe He would be like duh....that's not good enough?  I thought that I was doing good and to learn from the Dr. that it's not enough was rather dis-heartening. ~ 

 I asked him two very important questions......"How do you tell the difference between being overweight and something being wrong with your heart when you walk up a flight of stairs and have a hard time breathing...or when you bend over to pick something up and can barely breath when you stand back up?"  I instantly learned Cardiology 101.

Then there was the discussion of exercising....Like I said, I told him all about my ZUMBA, but he acted as if he had never heard of such a thing.  He did mention the likes of a Treadmill.....I wanted to act like I had never heard of such a thing!.....

For real, I have to start a walking program.......

And last but not least, Dr. C told me that I had to Try....If I try and fail, then try again.
He also said that He would do it for me, but that He had enough on his plate and just didn't have the time........

In the back of my mind I'm thinking..."No, if you had the time, then surely you would do it yourself."  Just kidding! ~   He is a wonderful Dr. and I do plan on following the rules and guidelines that he prescribed for me......

His last words were...."Get the Stress Echo.....If it shows something...I'll see ya later."

Shug Sez.......

If you fail....Try, Try Again!


  1. Do what the Dr. says. Heart issues are not fun.
    I have my own issues that I have to monitor.
    Take care.


  2. You can do it! I will walk with you if that is what it takes. We will start out lite and then work up. I will be your drill sergeant who will push you with a bushel and a peck.


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