Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweetness of Life

Maybe...just maybe, this will be my last post for the week about this KRAZZY DIET.... (Especially considering the fact that today IS FRIDAY)   This Evil diet is kicking me in the bottom end ouch, ouch .... no joke, I'm not sure I have ever felt like this before...

The problem is not the diet, it is the JUNK that I have been putting into my body for so many years..

This is what I crave....SUGAR.  Has it taken me this long to realize the damages that sugar can do to our bodies?  Not only does it cause weight gain, but there are some very serious things caused by the intake of TOO MUCH SUGAR. 

Diabetes, Obesity, stroke, hypoglycemia, tooth decay, and fatigue just to name a few. 

But....who wants to be that person that sits there and stares down a big jelly doughnut?  Few of us are going to do that....and certainly not me....

This is why I MUST change my habits and separate myself from things that contain Sugar....

This is another huge weakness of mine...TEA and especially McAllister's Famous Tea...It is the Best ever and it is so loaded with Sugar!

And...Another bad thing.  SODA's.  I drink them and then I quit drinking them and then I drink them again....These delicious drinks must be made from some kind of magic water....Magic, because no matter how many we have here at the house, they all disappear very fast.

I have cut out all of the caffeine in my daily diet, and I am sure that this is one of the big things that is really knocking me to the floor. 
No Sugars, No Soda's, No CAFFEINE in my daily diet.  This is almost too much to handle!

I feel like a dying Zombie...(ever how that is suppose to feel!)

I'm really not kidding here....My energy is zapped and It feels like I am literally starving myself to death.  Oop's....I just looked in the mirror!
Nope....definitely not starving!

They (whoever they is) say that it just takes a couple of weeks for your body to detox ..... I just wander if THEY are skinny and if They are getting this info from their own personal experience?

I know today is going to be better.....I think I can already feel a bit of energy coming my way!

Shug Sez....

Just remember....One day at a time!


  1. Wow, if you don't kill someone from this diet I will be surprised! With no caffeine for a week you surely had a MONSTER headache. My weakness has to be sweets....candy, cookies, cakes, pies....the list goes on & on. Good luck and hang in there. My advice would be not to plan any trips with your classmates...they will bring you DOWN. Good Luck and try not to kill anyone!

  2. Hang in there, they say it gets better, and then you will feel great!!

  3. High blood pressure caused me to give up soda cold turkey several years ago. I do havea a weakness for candy though and I do love tea.
    I try to stay away from sweet tea though.
    It is tough though. Take it one day at a time.

    Good Luck.



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