Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh What Fun It Is To........

The perfect Christmas is one spent at Home!.....

Is this a true statement?  Do all people feel this way?  Am I the only one that loves to spend Christmas at home with the family?

Of course, this is true for me because all of our family lives right here.  We have no place to travel to!  We all live within a few miles of each other....What a Blessing!!

Even though we see each other every single day, we still love to get together for the Holidays.  We have a way of making them very special...

Our kids come over on Christmas Eve.....They all gather here at Pop's and Shug's house around 4:30 or 5:00.  There is one rule that has been around for many, many years...YOU MUST WEAR YOUR PJ'S....Comfort is the name of the game!

We Eat and usually Eat some more....then it is GAME time....
I spend a lot of time thinking of new games for the kids to play..By far, one of their favorite in the past has been the scavenger hunt.  They have a list of things that they must find which usually leads them to a gift.

Speaking of games....Here is one that the whole family loves!  We played this at my dad's Birthday party. 
Items that you will need are:
Several Large Red Pom Balls

Tie the string around the Pom, making sure you leave about 12 inches hanging...Rub a small amount of Vaseline on the end of each participants nose. The object of the game is to see who can be the first to stick the red pom on the end of their nose.

As you can see....the adults have as much fun playing this game as the kids do!

When it comes time for the family to gather around the tree, the very first thing we  ALWAYS do is to read the Christmas Story....last year, the kids actually did a Christmas play as the Story was read....Taylor was Mary and Tyler was Joseph.  Mylee was Baby Jesus and Tori was the Angel.  Carson, Tucker and Trey were the three wise men....

The kids put this play together themselves and I must say they did a great job.  We were very proud of them because they wanted the main focus of the evening to be about the Birth of Jesus Christ and not so much about the gifts.  I think they are planning on doing the play again this year, and hopefully this will become a family tradition that will be repeated year after year....

I must say, that I truly love Christmas....I am so Thankful for the Birth of our Savior and I am so thankful for the spirit of Love that shines at Christmas time!

Shug Sez.....

Family is all about  Encouraging, Inspiring, Laughing, and giving lots of Hugs and Kisses!

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Country Dreaming said...

Enjoy your time with your family!

Happy Christmas to you amd yours!


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