Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories...

The Christmas Season is the most anticipated season of all....especially when you are a child...To me, it has always been a Magical Time of the year!

Even to this day, I can smell the fresh baked fruit cakes that my mother made each year.  I can also smell the egg custard pies with nutmeg.  These were my favorite desserts, and I am pretty positive that none other could compare to those that my mom made...

One of my favorite things was cutting down the tree....We would all go out (usually on a Sunday afternoon) in search of the perfect tree...I somehow believe that my dad already knew where that perfect tree was at, but he always made us believe that we were the ones that had spotted it.....As I recall, we would drive all through the country and just when we thought we would never find our Christmas tree, right before our eyes would be the most gorgeous tree of all!! We would all scream "I see one, I see one."  (Parents do things like that you know.....)

We could not wait to get it cut down to see how tall it was going to be.  All the way home we would sing Christmas carols and dream of how it would look with the big lights and all the decorations adorning the tree....As soon as it was decorated, all of us kids would work hard placing the icicles on the tree....Sometimes you could barely see the tree for all of the icicles....And OH....the scent of the tree was heavenly...(strange how we never had allergies from those old cut down cedar and pine trees)

There are a few Christmases that I will never forget!  One Christmas morning as I went to see what was under the tree for ME, all I found was a big clear bag, full of switches...Oh yes, Santa had left me the one thing that every child fears... SWITCHES!
I do remember laying my head down and crying, and then all of sudden I felt the warmest hug as my Mom  picked me up, gave me kisses and placed in my arms, The Biggest Blue Teddy Bear I had ever seen!  I think I ended up getting more that year for Christmas than my siblings...but, wouldn't you say I deserved to?

There was another Christmas that still stands out in my mind....My sister and I had ask Santa for these cute little pink watches....On Christmas morning, we got up and ran into the living room to see if we could find what we had ask for.   They were not there....Santa did not bring them!  We looked at all the other stuff Santa left for us, but deep down in our hearts, we were so disappointed....

I'm not sure how many minutes passed by before Dad announced that he could see something hidden high up in the tree....I think Joyce and I nearly tore the tree down trying to reach for those  PINK WATCHES.  We certainly were some happy little girls!

To reminisce about Christmas brings back many happy memories for me.  There are days when I would love to sneak back in time and be a little child again, but those days are gone and I am so thankful for each and every one of them....No matter where you live or how old you are, the memories of childhood Christmases remain forever in our hearts...

Isn't it amazing....What we do today will be the memories to come for our children and grandchildren! 

Shug Sez....

Leave a Loving memory in the hearts of those you love this Christmas Season!

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gbearden125 said...

Don't you think Christmas was more special to us than it is to kids today, especially since they get Christmas year round? Not saying they won't remember the Christmas times they spend with family, but the deep down excitement we had since we didn't get "things" throughout the year.

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