Monday, December 6, 2010

I love to Hear Praise Reports

Monday Happenings!

We serve an Awesome God and I want to give HIM praise this day...
How many of you Love to hear Praise Reports?  I for sure am one that does. 

Our family has much to Praise God for today....This past Friday night, my niece (who is a senior this year) had a car accident.  This could have easily been a fatal accident.  Kadie fell asleep while driving and her car hit a pole.  Her car barely (within inches) missed a deep culvert and a huge Pine tree....

I want to take this opportunity to Praise God for keeping her safe.  She came out of the wreck with a lot of bruises and with something separated in her shoulder, but with NO major injuries.  Thank you Lord for placing your hand upon her.....

We should all be reminded daily that we have no promise of being here tomorrow...We need to be at work today Honoring God by being obedient to Him and by being the witnesses that we are called to be.

God's mercies are new every morning and we should realize that His never ending  compassion is absolutely amazing. 

Thank you Lord!

Shug Sez......

Fellowship with the Lord everyday....Give Him Praise!


  1. So glad that Kadie is doing ok.
    Her driving angel was ith her.

    Blessings for a full recovery.


  2. I am so thankful Kadie is alright. God definitely was watching over her. What a difficult year for their family. God Bless them!


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