Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grandma Got Beat Up By The Christmas Tree....

Ladies and Gentlemen.....You will never, ever hear me admit that I am gaining numbers in my days.....

Oh...No, No, No....those words will not come out of my mouth, but..... what you might hear me say is... What in the world is going on these days?

I can remember the days when Christmas Tree's had a way of  cooperating with their owners!  

I can honestly say that I have been beat up by the Christmas Tree this year!  Age has nothing to do with it....These trees (that are not even REAL) have such a feistyness to them. They will scratch you, stick  you, beat you up and cause you to seek a place of refuge..... 

If you don't mind, will you please listen to my side of this story?
It was last year...in the middle of the Christmas season, when my tree decided to go on strike....The middle section just walked off of the job.  The top part was working and the bottom half was somewhat working, so I decided that If I added a few more strands of lights, everything would be great.

And, it was for a short while.  Then, every time I went to plug the lights in, another section would quit.  I made the decision at that time to replace the tree at the end of the season....

Did I follow through with my plans?  No, I did not!

Last weekend, I went to Dallas with the intent of purchasing a NEW TREE....Something happened...I could not do it...
I could not pay the outrageous price that was tagged to each tree....I came home empty handed and decided to re-do the tree that I had used in the previous years. 

I had to cut every single one of those 1500 lights off of the tree and by the time I finished, my hands were killing me....This my friend was the first of my injuries...

After twisting and turning the tree in every direction imaginable, I finally had completed the surgery..By the time that I had finished taking lights off and putting lights on, I felt like I had been run over and beat up by 20 Christmas Trees....I have red scratch marks on my hands and legs.  I have sore muscles from climbing up and down to replace the top lights, and to top that off, I now have lost some of my patience......It almost caused me to say  (GEEZ!)

These are not age things are they?  I believe it's a matter of the Christmas Trees being more cantankerous these days!

Well, I survived and here is the tree that Beat Me Up!
I'm so thankful that my other three trees were little angels.
This one....I'm going to name it Scrooge!

Shug Sez.....

Never Give Up!


  1. Christmas Trees I love how they all have their own personality. I can just imagine your tree talking about you mom. I think you should go back to the flocked tree you used to get when I was a kid. I loved them with the white and blue lights. I also liked the white and red too. You are an awesome decorater!!!!!

  2. You always have the best dressed trees in town. It's sad when they don't cooperate.

  3. I think I missed something--why did you cut all you lights off and put other ones on?
    Glad you are doing better--bad tree.
    It did come out pretty though.


  4. Believe it or not my tree did the same thing last year. I tried to take off the lights but gave up. I took it to school and just strung more lights around it. It looked ok. THEN, I read your post about how you took yours off. I thought if Shug could do it then I could too. Well I did, but it took a whole day and night. It did not beat me up and I thought all was well until I washed the dishes that night. My hands stung so bad and I couldn't imagine what was wrong. I noticed all these red scratches that had been invisible until now. Then I thought...The Christmas Tree did it.
    Well the kids enjoy it and it is really pretty.

  5. Sherri: glad your tree came out great! Hope your family enjoys it this Christmas Season...

    Melinda: I cut the old lights off that were no longer working....I was really surprised at how many lights were actually on that tree..I now have replaced all the lights and it looks great....Hugs

  6. That's funny! Christmas trees definitely have a mind of their own! If anyone comes into the junior high, be careful not to bump too hard into our tree. It is being held up by duct tape this year! lol!


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