Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Call It Crazy!

Call It Crazy....I call it FUN...I call it Staying Young...I call it making Memories with my daughters!

The back of our "Black Friday" shopping shirts says: 

Star Shines *
Shepherds Tell *
The Babe is Born *
All Is Well *
This is the Reason we say it *
Merry Christmas *

We chose this particular shirt, so we could stay focused on what Christmas is ALL about...  No fussing, No getting upset with people, No griping.....Simply a day to enjoy our Blessings!

Our first stop was Target.....We joined the other 1500 people outside the store and then we walked the entire parking lot in order to get into the store....

I'm talking about starting on one side of the parking lot and walking in a HUGE square all along the outer edges of the lot.
We met people we had never seen before and just had a wonderful time.  The girls were able to purchase the items that they originally set out to purchase.  I picked up one thing and when I saw how long the check out line was, I put it back on the shelf...

Sorry to which every kid I was buying that gift for.....I guess it's still sitting on the shelf.

I found me a spot in the little snack shop area and had a blast watching people rush through the doors, looking for Whatever they could find that was cheap...

More to this story later....I just heard these words "Are you ready to go"   I'm heading out the door with Sam right now!  Got to get to town!!
Will chat with you later!

Shug Sez.....

I love Christmas....Because OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST, OUR SAVIOR...


marshas said...

Can't do Target - too much drama, but Kasey loves it. Kristy and I made the other stores and had a great time - have fun with Sam today.

Mary Margaret Scott said...

I still call it "crazy!!" But I am glad y'all had fun. I LOVE those shirts! It's so important to remember the "reason for the season!"

gbearden125 said...

Carla just didn't go to bed...started TG night & got home after lunch Friday. Talked to her today & she went to bed at 2:45 and slept until this morning. Think she must have really been tired! I do know she called me one time...about 5 times total!....from Starbucks, so guess caffiene kept her going. Cute shirts...did u make them?

Country Dreaming said...

Can't do the early shopping stuff. glad you had fun though, I love to watch people while I'm waiting or resting.

Happy Sunday.


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