Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Past

Many Moons ago when life was simple, I remember Halloween as something quite different from what it is now. 

This was a day that all kids could not wait for.  CANDY DAY!  That's what we called it....

Costumes were so simple and usually handmade.....

The only witches that we ever heard of were those in the story books.
If you did decide to dress up as a witch for Halloween, all that was needed was a black hat and maybe an eyebrow pencil to color a wart on the end of your nose.  

Who had ever heard of WITCHCRAFT AND SATANIC RITUALS?  I don't even think these words could be found in our dictionaries. 

This was just a night for having fun and collecting as much candy as you could get. 
After all, you had to make it last a long, long time!  This night was all about kids! 

We could not wait for the sun to go down.  That meant it was time to hit the neighborhoods.  Popcorn balls were my favorite.  I'm talking about HOMEMADE POPCORN BALLS.  Moms would work all day popping that corn and mixing it with Karo syrup and then they would roll them into perfect little balls for all the kids. 

Another favorite thing about that night was "SOAP".  All of us kids would have at least a couple of bars of soap in our sack.  The soap would be used to write on the windows of every store in town.    The same 5 or 6 windows would get soaped every single year.  We really thought that we were doing something big.  The truth was....The store owners always expected their windows to be soaped.  This was the one and only time each year that the windows were washed.  I must admit, there were a few times that a house window might have been "Soaped" as well! 

Doorbell ringing WAS NOT the thing back then...BECAUSE....not many people had doorbells... WE KNOCKED on doors and then we would run and hide.  The fun part was watching the people come to their doors. Most of the time it would just be a screen door.  (something that is unheard of these days)   We would do this over and over, just daring someone to come out and chase us.  (Everybody knew Everybody and there were no strangers in town)  

My...How Times Have Changed....we truly were great kids and no harm was ever done.
It was all about having fun!  I have to ask myself what changed?  PLENTY, would be the best answer. 

These truly were the 'GOOD OL' DAY'S'

I will never forget those special times in my life and I will never forget the friends that made me these memories with me.....

SHUG SEZ......

Take time to see GOOD in everything!


marshas said...

They were fun times - I also liked to bob for apples. Got a hint for you - Glenda makes wonderful popcorn balls for Halloween - maybe she will put you on her list!!

gbearden125 said...

Oh how times have changed! I also remember the good old days of halloween mischief, burning tires in the middle of hwy 31, water balloons, etc. And yes, I do make popcorn balls but now that I am retired I find I don't have time to do anything!

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