Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unnoticed Tears

Some subjects in life are difficult to talk about, but yet these are the very subjects that could make a difference in our lives, in our communities and in our world.........

No pretty pictures today....Just words straight from my heart.

I recently was touched by a statement that I read.   This statement has been heavy on my mind and I decided that if I could touch one family with this post, then it would be worth my time. 

The statement read... "Parents are so busy they can't see the tears in their own children's lives."

Do you realize just how true this is?  Parents are too busy to even notice that they are too busy!  Is this what life is suppose to be about?  I don't think so.  Sure, the economy is bad and people are having to adjust or put in more hours just to pay their bills.  But, you know what?  When I was a child (and for years way before my time) families struggled in the same way.  The difference here is that parents back then did not have what we consider the necessities of life today..Anything and everything was not available and watches were not something that people had to constantly look at...Time was spent at home with family.

They were not always texting on the phone instead of having conversations with their children.  They were not constantly calling someone just to be talking and they certainly did not place things above their value of being a parent.  Today, we are allowing cell phones to suck the life out of our families. 
We are so dependent upon fast food restaurants that there is no need to have kitchens in our own homes.  A lot of our time is spent  trying to keep up with our friends and what is going on in their lives and we fail to see what is happening in our own families lives. 

We are sending a hidden message to our children that we are too busy to care about the small, but Oh so important things in their lives.  The truth is that we only seem to notice the BIG issues going on with our kids.    We don't notice the big things as in WOW, "my child gave their lunch to someone that was hungry today."  NO.....we notice BIG as in "my child hit another child at school today and now the principle is making them go to ISS.  I  will be at that school in the morning and take care of this."  What message are we sending to our kids?

Who on earth wants to wake up every single day and live such a chaotic style of life?  It is time to put all this busyness aside and spend precious time listening to our children....

Kids need parents that will:

1.  Pray with them...
2.  Teach them about God and loving other people.....
3.  Teach them about having meals together.....
4.  Teach them about having quite evenings at home........
5.  Mothers need to teach their daughters and sons to do
     laundry and how to iron.
6. Teach them how to cook or to bake a cake from scratch
    instead of having them believe a cake can only come from a box.
7.  Teach them to be creative.
8.  Dads need to teach their sons about life, how to earn a
     dollar.  How to save their money....
9.  Dads need to teach their children how to bait a fish hook 
     or clean a fish.
10.  Children need to be taught how to climb trees and how   
      to play in the dirt. 
11.  Children need to learn that life is not about designer
      clothing and new cars.
12.  Children need to be taught that you don't have to be the
      Best at everything in life.....
13.  Kids need to be taught that to be disciplined is OK.....
14.  Children need to be hugged and they need  to be able
       to understand what a true hug really is all about......

Our children deserve to know how important they are and just how much they mean to us.   I remember some very special times in my own life.  After supper and after the dishes were done, my mom and dad always grabbed our outside blanket and went out and set under a mimosa tree in the yard.  We would all share about what the most exciting thing was that happened in our lives that day....Sometimes we would play a game of baseball, and other times  we would just visit and laugh with each other under that beautiful tree.   I see very few mimosa trees planted these days, but every time I do see one, I have very fond memories of my childhood. 

God has trusted us to teach our children and to give them a life that is full of love and commitment.  We all need to learn to slow down, stop the busyness and spend quality time getting to know about the needs that our children have.   Do your children have tears in their lives that are going unnoticed?


Wow....I can't believe I'm posting this, but I pray that families all around will realize that life is not a race!


  1. Great Post!! I know we are living in different times, but I do think it gets too chaotic. I remember when my sister was in band, we would bring her to practice and stay in town 2 hours waiting for it to be over. We didn't dare go home and come back - that would be wasting gas. Now if we have to wait 15 minutes it's terrible. I'm with you on this one - might be our age, not sure. Have a good one!!

  2. I agree with you & Marsha....it was worse when my kids were in school than it was for my mother, and much, much, much worse now. Families are never home TOGETHER, hardly ever. Just in time to scream at the kids to hurry & get their bath so they can get in bed, most of the time this happens after 10:00 p.m. Anita, you could get me on a pedestal and let me preach about this!!!!

  3. I love you, Shug! You bless my heart! Preach it sistah!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I am going to copy your list and post it in our house as a reminder. Being in the classroom, I deal with children everyday that are a direct result of the kind of busy parenting you are talking about. It's not that their parents don't care...they just don't realizehow little time they are spending with their kids. Thanks so much again for posting this. It really touched me!!! :)


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