Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busyness number two

I am looking forward to this day....The reason why is

because I know that nothing touches my life that

hasn't first passed through the hand of God.  He

Knows what is best for me and I trust His hand in

my life.........................

Think about this.....    As Christians are we finding

that our lives are too busy to serve the Lord....

Yesterday I spoke about parents being too busy to

notice their children, but today I wander how many

of us are too busy to serve our  Heavenly Father? 

The typical person is so overwhelmed with the

busyness in their lives that our Sunday's are no

longer a day of rest and a day for serving God.

We get up....get dressed for church

and most of the time this is done in such a rushed

fashion that by the time we get to church, we are so

frustrated over simple minor things.  Because our

weeks are busy, this leaves no time for proper

organization or sometimes even for the laundry to be


Yet, on Sunday mornings we expect our kids to get

up, eat breakfast and be dressed for church within

thirty minutes, even if they can't find anything clean

to wear.  Most of the time they can't find their

shoes or socks.  Oh, and what if mom did forget

to buy milk for them to have with their cereal!

Are our hearts really in tune to meet God on Sunday

mornings, or do we go through these hassles

because we know it is expected of us?

Are we sitting in church thinking about what all we

have to get done the next week or are we allowing

our core thoughts be about God and centering in on


So many times we wander why we are not enjoying

life or why we can never accomplish the goals WE

have set for ourselves.  How many of us are really

giving God the time that He deserves.  How many

of us take the time to seek Him first every morning

in regards to decisions in our lives?  It's not enough

just to seek Him for direction, but we should be

singing Praises to Him each and every day for His

goodness and because He is Lord of our lives...

I am appalled how these days we have even allowed

sports to become our Sunday focus.....Instead of

having our children in church learning about God,

they are playing ball learning how to be professional

athletes.  Just think for one moment about this. 

How does God feel about us robbing Him of HIS time

because we are out there trying to center in on our

child's future.  The weeks are filled with practice,

practice, practice....ball, ball, ball and then Saturday

and Sunday is filled with playing ball....

How can we expect these kids to understand that

God is First in our lives?  Shug Sez...that we all

need to wake up.  We need to truly realize what is

 important in this life.  We need to be spending

more time with God and with our families. 

Shug Sez.......

Don't just balance your time with God....Give him the time and dedication from your heart that He deserves.

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