Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, September 3, 2010

Down....And OUT...

Good Morning My Sweet Friends....I want to wish you much joy today. 

Your visit is just what I needed.

Have you ever patiently waited on something and when it finally gets here, you end up with a disappointment.  This is what has happened to me.  Not just to me, but to my grandson as well....

Tyler has been waiting a very long time to finally get to play High School Football.  This is something that most guys dream about for years. 

Tyler has worked so hard this summer at "Bear Camp" to build strength and improve his over all endurance to be able to play football this season.  I can only remember one day that he missed and that was to go to the Orthodontist. 

His first High School Football game was last week.  He is the quarterback and had played a great game all evening. With only three minutes left to play in the game, Tyler was hit by a player on the opposing team and suddenly he was down.  I knew when he didn't hop right up, that something had to be wrong with him.  

Sure enough....there was something wrong...


I could hardly keep myself in the stands.  What was the first thing that I wanted to do?
I wanted to be down there on that field checking on him.  I wanted to Bark at his injury.  (I know that sounds funny, but when Tyler was very little, he fell down and skinned his knee.  When our puppy would bark, Tyler would always laugh, so my quickest thought was to bark at his little hurt knee and that would make him feel better.  It worked and from that point on, I always had to bark if he got hurt.  Now all the kids want me to bark at their boo boo's.) Hey, I know your laughing, but try it..It does work.

What do men (coaches, referees, trainers) know about taking care of my grandson.  NOTHING!  I felt sure he was wanting me to be out there with him.  I knew that I couldn't possibly go down on the field, so I patiently waited in the stands. 

I was not liking this picture at all and it was for a good reason.  The schools trainer (which just so happens to be my nephew) decided that Tyler needed to go have an X-ray made on shoulder and upper arm, in order to rule out the possibility of something being broke. 

He did go to the hospital and the results were a broken humerus.  This is a great way to start the season isn't it? I was sad for him because he had worked so hard to get to this point and I was hurting for him because he was in pain. 

He has truly experienced a lot of pain from this injury.  Not only with his arm hurting, but because of the strain it is causing in his shoulder and back. I am praying a very speedy recovery for him and that his pain will subside.  

His team played their 2nd game last night and I could tell that Tyler wanted to be right there running every play with them.  Well, he was there, but he had to run the plays in his mind this time. But, he says it wasn't as fun as last week.  There just isn't enough action on the sidelines for him. 

I would say that he has had enough action for at least another six to eight weeks.  As far as football goes......We'll just have to see how long the season last.  Maybe he will be able to be back by the end of the season, but if not....I know he will be there next Fall!!


Support your kids.  Be involved in their lives!! Be involved in the community!!  Be involved in the schools!!

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Mom on the go said...

He really is a WONDERFUL player and leader. I know the team missed him last night.

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