Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kissed by an Indian Summer

Oh My....September is here.

Autumn is on my mind right now.  I love this season and all that it brings.  I can't wait to go riding in my bug with the top down.  I want to take in all the colors of the season.

Speaking of seasons, I have always heard of how sweet it is to be kissed by an Indian Summer.  Doesn't that sound so romantic?  I always thought that an Indian Summer was a special Summer of some kind.  After a little research, I have now discovered that it actually occurs in the Fall just before Winter decides to show it's face. 

An Indian Summer is a period of warm or mild weather in late Autumn or early Winter.  

 I love the things of Fall such as the pumpkins, the falling leaves, warm apple pie, carnivals and fairs, and the smell of an evening fire burning in the outdoor pit. I long for the cool crisp mornings and the late afternoon chill that lingers in the air. Just talking about it makes me want to curl up in the rocking chair and sip on a cup of spiced tea right now. But wait, the temperatures are warmer with an Indian Summer.  I might would prefer just sitting in the rocking chair sipping on something cool and still be enjoying whatever Fall has to bring.. 

When I think of an Indian Summer, I immediately think of the warm colors of life. Orange, red, yellow and gold, the colors  that blanket the trees of Fall.  I think of the stillness on the lakes and the sunsets that come early. 

I imagine dreamy days of sitting by a fire in my comfy clothes and spending hours reading my favorite books.  No deadlines, no hurries, and the only demands are those of relaxation. Did I say fire?  If the season is warm, I think I'll just dream of the comfy clothes and my favorite books... 

Is it possible that I could have both?...Can I change the name of Fall to "Indian Summer" and still have the crisp cool air, the hayrides, pumpkins and the glorious colors that bring us the Autumn season?

I can always have it in my thoughts and
I can always enjoy it in my heart. 
Oh yes, how sweet it is to be kissed by an
"Indian Summer"


How great is our God?  He loves it when we dream about the seasons of life!

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