Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Window to My Soul

A Window To My Soul.......

Nowhere can a man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul........

The window to my soul...these are simple words that really sink way down into my heart.  My soul...what is it that I am really all about?  What is the purpose of my being?

My purpose is to serve the Lord and to Honor Him in all that I do.
In order to do this, I need to have a soul that loves others....

It is my desire that each and every day, I open the window of my soul to the world.  I can only Hope that each morning when I awake, that my window is sparkling bright and that those around me can clearly see the reflection of God living in me...

The Fruits of the Spirit......Galatians 5:22-23
Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness, and Temperance.

I want the window of my soul to allow others to see in me the active pursuit of love that is my heart for serving God.
How wonderful would it be to live each day by the Fruits of the Spirit....Sharing Love, Joy and Peace with those around us.  To have patience and self control when life does not go our way.
To show goodness to our neighbors and gentleness to those that are in need.  To be kind to others and to be faithful in all things. 

I love People...I love people with different personalities...I love flowers and the sweetness of the fresh morning air.  I love the beauty of the stars at night.  I love  clear running streams and old country roads....I love old barns and I love old people.

And Yes....I love the window of my soul.  I pray that it will always be as bright as a shining star and that my family and friends will recognize this magnificent piece of art work that God has painted inside of me. 

I love to think of how it would be if everyone in the world had a window to their soul that reflected peace and the love of God.

Oh God, help me to allow those that look through the window of my soul to see a clean heart that is filled with your love.


How wonderful it is to Love Life...

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gbearden125 said...

Girl....pretty deep stuff today. I say move over Beth Moore----that would be a good Bible study for you to lead.....Window to my Soul

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